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Vocational Trade School Guide

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Are you ready to begin working on your post-secondary education? Do you consider yourself to be the type of student who just simply isn’t college material? Are you determined to obtain some level of education that will better prepare you for your future even though you don’t see yourself sitting inside a traditional college classroom? Well, you definitely should not let that one lone factor deter you from your career goals for the future. Instead, perhaps you should consider completing a vocational or trade program that will teach you a specific skill that you can instantly use in the work force. Keep in mind, there are just as many successful individuals who have a vocational training background as opposed to a formal college degree. Think about it like this; individuals who complete a formal college degree program are required to complete a wide variety of types of courses before they can obtain their diploma. While many of these courses will indeed be related to your ultimate career position, you will also find that there will be numerous courses that you must complete that you feel are frivolous.

On the contrary, if you decide to pursue a vocational or trade type program, the majority of your training will be hands on and will be directly related to the daily work that you will be required to conduct in your future career position. Generally speaking, a vocational degree program can be completed in two years of course work, where a formal college degree program will require you to complete four years of courses and training. It is also important to note that while there are many vocational institutes that offer trade type programs, this type of educational program will also be offered at many traditional four year colleges, community colleges, and government funded adult education centers. Although there are a large range of course offerings in vocational type fields, some of the more popular options include areas like computer networking, cosmetology, food preparation, health care, plumbing, automotive repair, electrical systems, and heating/air conditioning services.

It is important to understand that upon completion of a vocational type program you will have either earned an associate’s degree or a certificate based education. Both of these will be sufficient for you to obtain a position in the work force or for you to continue your education in your selected field of study.