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Small Engine Repair Courses

Accredited Small Engine Repair Training

So you think that spending the rest of your life fixing lawn mowers isn't exciting. Are you sure that this is all that’s involved? Imagine spending your workdays on a powerboat installing a new carburetor out in the sun by the sea. Intrigued? I thought you would be. Who wouldn’t love to live and work by the sea? Not only do they get to feel the fresh air and hear the sound of the calming ocean, but they are paid for it as well. If you put the two together, maybe it would mean that perhaps you would like to learn a little more about what it takes to become a marine equipment mechanic.

The mistaken impression is that small engine repair is the end of the road and not the beginning. Yes, you will start by spending some time earning a certification as a small engine repair technician. This can take from 6 months to one year depending on how your schedule is set up and where you will attend the classes. After you earn your basic certification, you will then want to find an entry-level job in the field so that you can begin to build up your resume and experience. While you are pursuing that, you would want to begin training in marine technology. This is far more complex as you will be learning how to work on boats, the whole boat not just the engine. More often than not, you will find yourself having to work on the wiring or plumbing systems and there will be no schematics available. Start your small engine repair course from any of the certificate programs listed below.

This is a challenging line of work and not many specialize in this field. The total number, as reported by the US Government, is about 22,100 and future growth is estimated at 6 to 7%. This is not the real story, however. With proper training and commitment to the career, you will find that your skills are very much in demand. Your new career may require you to move to a new location in order to seek appropriate employment. This may include seaside resorts, fishing centers or large recreational lake areas. For example moving to the Chicago area may be required to take a job working on the private boats that populate the lakeside city. Imagine having to spend the rest of your life working in those conditions. Salary will depend a lot on you and your commitment to the skill and training. The greater your seriousness and commitment the greater will be the likelihood that you will be considered for a more desirable posting. There is also the possibility of building your own private business. There your earnings are going to depend on your business skills as well. So, surfs up.