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Landscape Design Schools

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Do you have a knack for planning outdoor spaces and flowerbeds? Are you physically fit and don’t really mind working in the elements of the weather? If you said yes to each of these questions, then maybe it is time for you to consider pursuing a career in landscaping? You can expect the work to be seasonal in the landscaping business. For instance, while you are sure to be busy during the fall, spring, and summer, there will probably be very little work during the winter months. It will likely be your responsibility to mow, edge, and fertilize the lawns, weed and mulch the landscapes, remove dead or unwanted trees, plant flowers, trees, and shrubs, water the landscapes and the lawns, and trim hedges, shrubs, and small trees. Depending upon the place of employment you may be referred to as a gardener, a turf grass manager, a ground maintenance worker, a greens keeper, or a tree trimmer. Find that perfect landscape training class below.

Generally speaking, no specific formal training or degree program is required for you to work as a landscaper. However, competition for employment in this industry is expected to be fierce over the next several years, so it may be a good idea to complete certificate based or diploma programs to give you an edge against fellow job seekers. For instance, you may be able to complete a one year training program in horticulture or landscape technology. This type of training program is typically offered at a vocational institute and your local community colleges. This short training program will teach you about the basic principles of landscaping, pest management, and plant identification. Depending upon your specific place of employment you may be required to complete some safety training courses. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools on this site that are particularly interesting to you. This will make your educational decisions much easier to make. With some level of training or relevant experience in this career field, it will be possible for you to own your own landscaping business or to work for someone else who owns a landscaping business. You will likely find work among the grounds of parks, businesses, and residences. In addition, should you decide to further your level of educational degree then it may be possible for you to work in a capacity such as a landscape designer or a landscape architect. We hope you find a landscaping course design that fits your needs.