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Do you have the ability to build practically anything from scratch? Are you able to envision a finished product and know how to work from the beginning to the end to create that product? Do you know how to choose the most appropriate materials for a specific project? If you confidently answered yes to each of these questions, then it sounds like it may be time for you to think about pursuing a professional career as a carpenter. As a carpenter you may be expected to remodel or build a home, business, or other structure (such as a bridge, infrastructure, or highway). It is important to note that while it is common for carpenters to receive on the job training from more experienced carpenters, by completing some level of formal training your employment opportunities are likely to be better.

As previously mentioned, formal training is not required for you to be able to work in this industry. However, you may find it in your best interest to either complete a training program at a local community college or vocational institute or you may choose to complete an apprenticeship. It is important to understand that most states require carpenters to be licensed; you will want to become familiar with the specific licensure requirements as they are mandated by your state of residence. Within a carpentry certificate program you can expect to learn how to identify structural components, how to frame structures, how to apply roofing, how to interpret blueprints, how to estimate the cost of labor and materials for a project, and how to install dry wall.

Should you decide to complete a carpentry finish certificate program you will learn techniques that specifically apply to new structures, as well as existing real estate. For instance, you may learn how to finish interior walls and ceilings, how to install new windows, how to build stairs, and how to build and set doorframes. While an apprenticeship program is likely to teach you similar content, you will be able to complete this type of program in about 12 weeks. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that interest you.

With some level of formal training in carpentry you can expect to be qualified to work within a large group of carpenters or you could begin your own carpentry business. In addition, depending upon your certifications you may be able to work within residential carpentry or commercial carpentry. The accredited carpentry schools below can help you obtain your educational goals.

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