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Are you good with your hands? Do you enjoy a challenge and don’t mind getting dirty to try and tackle something that isn’t working properly? Do you seem to have a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together in such a way that they work better? If you answered a confident yes to each of these questions, then maybe you should consider pursuing a career as an auto mechanic. As a mechanic, you will be expected to identify mechanical problems, to examine critical parts, to fix any mechanical problems and test that they are working properly, to perform basic maintenance functions, to use testing equipment, and to repair or replace worn parts. In addition, you may also be required to explain automotive problems and the remedy process that has been performed to clients. In this profession you may be required to work on an individual basis, within a team setting, or under the supervision of a more experienced auto mechanic.

In order to be properly trained to work as an auto mechanic it is likely that you will want to complete a six month training program at a technical school or vocational institute, or you could choose to complete a two year training program at a junior college or at a community college. Within your training program you will need to complete formal, instructional training along with on the job training. Ideally, you will be learning key concepts that will allow you to succeed in this profession while also having the chance to apply what you are learning within a real world mechanical setting.

Within an associate’s level degree that focuses on collision repair you should expect to be required to complete liberal arts courses in conjunction with concentrated courses, such as panel repair, panel replacement, and basic body and frame repair. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the schools listed on our site that are particularly appealing to you. This information will surely help you make a more informed decision regarding your potential career and educational path. Check out other career training including diesel mechanics and motorcyle repair.

As a trained auto mechanic it will be possible for you to work in venues such as collision repair, at car dealerships, or at large scale automotive repair companies. In addition, your training and certification will also make it possible for you to open your own automotive repair business. Find everything you’ll need regarding auto mechanic training courses below.

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