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Wyoming Online Colleges & Universities

Do you live in Wyoming? Are you ready to begin planning the next educational phase of your life? Are you not sure which college or university that you want to attend? Are you trying to do your homework so that you can hopefully make the best possible decision about your future? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should definitely keep reading so that you can learn everything you need to know about what Wyoming may have to offer you in your educational pursuits. The state of Wyoming is bordered by Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah. Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the United States and it will allow you to experience high elevation prairies and the mountain ranges and foothills of the Eastern Rocky Mountains. You can also expect to have the chance to experience wildlife refuges and hatcheries, national parkways, and historic sites throughout this exciting state.

Although Wyoming has a wealth of great educational choices for prospective students to choose from, there are a handful of colleges and universities that are top ranked in this state. Keep in mind, just because a particular school is not among the list of top ranked schools does not mean that it will not allow you to obtain your goals. Regardless of anyone’s list and selections, you will want to choose a college or university that you know will help you meet your goals and that will work with your learning style. The number one most popular choice in the state of Wyoming is the University of Wyoming, which is located near the city of Cheyenne. This university allows you to enjoy the many outdoor activities in this part of the state, while gaining a valuable education. As with many large universities, you will be able to choose a particular degree program from several colleges and schools. The second most popular learning institution in this state is the Casper College. This college is located in the Laramie mountain range and will give you the chance to study in one of several colleges. For instance, you could pursue a degree program in life sciences, business, fine arts, language and literature, and health science, among other options.

Sheridan College, which serves as the main campus of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, is one of the top educational choices in this state. At this institution you will have the chance to complete a two year program that will prepare you for immediate entry into the work force, or you can choose to transfer to a four year college to further your educational degree in this field of study. Some of the available programs you can choose to pursue are related to business, biology, agricultural science, English, and criminal justice, among others. Or, maybe you should consider the two year institution, Northwest College. Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming in the city of Powell, this college has a wealth of available programs for you to choose from.

Colleges in Wyoming

Choosing a college can be a daunting task for anyone. There are many factors that need be considered before choosing a college to go for higher education. Different colleges have different programs, courses, different tuition costs, and the duration of programs vary from one college to another. Finding the right fit or singling down to one college can virtually be impossible. The best way to make the process much easier is to select a state first. This brings down the number of colleges to choose from. Along with that, each state is unique. They have their own environment, unique ethnicity and people are different in every state.

One great state for consideration is Wyoming. It has got great weather; the people are lovely and a lot of opportunities to expand your career. It is home to some great institutes that offer excellent facilities and higher education programs. Furthermore, all the universities have excellent environment, which makes you feel exactly at home. Comparing to other states, Wyoming doesn’t have too many Universities. There are 11 universities and colleges in the state. The Agricultural programs and the healthcare programs offered in Wyoming makes the state standout nationally. In addition, the scholarship programs in the state are one of the best in the country. To help you gain more knowledge about the colleges in Wyoming, we have devised a list including some of the best universities you can go in the state.

University of Wyoming
What started as a co-ed class with only a small base of students, just 42, is now one of the best research institutes in the country. With over 14000 students studying in almost 180-degree programs; including business, education, engineering and law, this college certainly stands out from the rest. The study-abroad scholarship program of this school is one of the best in the state. The college has a heritage of more than a century. Established in 1886, the University offers higher education to more than 14000 students from all the states and 90 countries. Their goal is to serve the state of Wyoming by producing world-class leaders. Students get to choose from various degrees such as bachelors, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as certificate and endorsement program. The students have the options to learn via online, video and combination deliveries. University of Wyoming (UW) has a total of 80 undergraduate and 90 graduate programs. These programs distinctively focuses on six broad areas; science and technology, the arts and humanities, environment and natural resources, life sciences, and professions critical to state and region.
Agriculture and Natural resources:
The UW is the leading research institute in ecology and watershed management degree program. They offer excellent facilities in programs like science and economics of reclamation, soil and rangeland management, community economic development and nationally acclaimed wildlife and livestock health research management.
Arts and science:
The main objective of the subject is to foster creativity and critical thinking among the students. The subject offers a broad understanding on visual and performing arts, humanities, social sciences, the world and its languages, and the physical, biological, and mathematical sciences. It enables the graduates to pursue careers in journalism, public relations professionals, museum curators, national park rangers, archivists, scientific research working in the private or public sector, writers and editors, policy makers and politicians and professional artists and graphic designers.

College America-Cheyenne
The main focus for one of the best college in Wyoming, College America-Cheyenne, is career-driven programs. They offer very good degree programs in healthcare, business, and technology. They specifically put more stress on launching a better career in today’s workforce. With courses on offer both online and on campus, they are great for the emerging workforce. The school offers degree courses on healthcare, business, technology and graphic arts. Their campus in Cheyenne is purposeful. With six well-equipped classrooms and two large medical labs they are well capable of giving students the care they need. Their staff and instructors guide the students throughout all the stages of the program, starting from admission to graduation. College America-Cheyenne is at their best when it regards to collaborating with the military, as they accept transfer credits and highly respect military experiences.
Healthcare administration:
The objective of the healthcare administration is to make the students more adept and proficient as a supervisor or manager. They help students to grow into a more confident and skillful leader. Some of the potential career paths for this program are hospital administrator, healthcare facility human resource manager, director of hospital admissions or billing, medical office manager, and long-term care manager.
This program is designed in such a way that it meets the need of ever demanding fields like law, finance, government, or e-commerce. They promise the most versatile academic backgrounds one could have in the economy. Computer science and security manager, medical specialists, healthcare administrator, and hospital administrator are some of the careers the program promises to offer.


Students interested in automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine and collision refining career fields most certainly should consider Wyotech-Laramie for their higher education. It is one of the best universities in the state and the main campus is situated in Laramie. Wyotech-Laramie has 5 core programs – Automotive technology, Collision refinishing Technology, Diesel technology, Marine Specialist, and motorcycle technology. The college emphasizes on hands-on experience. Students are required to attend classes as well as the shop. The programs are usually short, and most can be completed within a year and a half. Courses are continuously upgraded to match with the latest technological advancements and the shifting paradigms of the job market.
Students have the opportunity to engage their studies with a specialty, such as applied service management with automotive; this is useful in both running a shop and setting the shop up for the long run. Some of other specialties are trim and upholstery technology, street-rod and custom fabrication, off-road power concentration, and motorsports chassis fabrications.
Automotive technology:
This course is for the students who like to get their hands dirty with engines. The course is simple and lets students diagnose engine problems, and learning how the engines run. The course covers everything from the basics of engine building to maintenance drivetrain systems, and chassis management.
Collision Refinishing Technology:
Collision Refining Technology is all about learning the skills to weld, repair and refinish a vehicle. Students will learn to cut metal, cosmetic repair, paint chemistry, masking techniques, color plotting, and mapping. Specialty options include:
• Applied service management
• Off-road power concentration
• Motorsport chassis fabrication

Eastern Wyoming College
Founded in 1948 in Torrington, Wyoming, the Eastern Wyoming College serves over 2000 students each semester. This community college promises quality and affordable higher education to all its students. The college has four degree types: AS, AA, AAS, and ADN across 35 majors. The EWC has affiliations with 11 state colleges, so transferring credits is very easy for the students. They have established a specialized program called the “Bridge program” which helps the student identify their weaknesses in subjects such as math, reading, and English. This program helps student brush up their skills prior to the first semester so that the rest of their college years go smoothly. In addition to different academic programs the EWC offers community services across 16,000 square mile service area. They seek to grow enrollment, expand distance learning, and serve all of their communities.
Western Wyoming
Western Wyoming is a community college. It is one of the oldest as only 4 such community colleges were built at the time. Established in 1959, it has students from Carbon, Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, and Uinta counties. Every year more than 4000 students enroll in this college, and among them 1200 are regular students. There are two-year degrees and professional programs available in 10 such “academic disciplines” which include business and visual arts. Western Wyoming is one of the 25% of colleges that provide on-campus housing. The Rock Springs campus is home to many educational attractions, which include five sample dinosaur displays, nine exact copies of eastern island statues, and the famous Foucault pendulum. It is absolutely one of the best colleges to study higher education from.

Wyoming Online Colleges & Universities

Scholarship opportunities are available across all of these colleges. each college offers various opportunities of scholarships to help students in order to help them complete their higher education without having to worry about the finances. Some of the scholarship includes:
Army ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Program:
This scholarship has options from Green to Gold, gold being the best. Winners receive different types of support. Some of them are given below:
-help with tuition of accommodation
-Additional scholarship for books, supplies, and equipment’s.
-A monthly stipend, given each month for up to 10 months, based on military science classes.
-Leader Development and Assessment courses have a pay for attending scholarship.
Army ROTC Scholarship:
By simply enrolling into the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), a high school student can get a four-year full scholarship. The requirements for this scholarship is to be a U.S citizen, aged between 17 and 26, with a high school GPA of at least 2.50.
Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest:
It is a contest that challenges high school students to be creative with duct tape. All they have to do is to make an outfit completely out of duck tape and wear that to prom. The winner can get a scholarship worth of $10,000. The participants must be at least 14 to take part in this contest. They must attend a high school, home school association or other school-sanctioned prom in the current calendar year.
EMU national scholarship program:
The EMU National Scholars program is a four-year scholarship awarded to freshmen students with a minimum GPA of 3.50. it pays 30 credit hours per year (15 per semester) of out-of-state tuition differential. The student must be a resident in a state other than Michigan and Ohio to be considered for the scholarship, and the recipients must live in university housing for the first two years of award.
Heidelberg University Out-of-state Grant:
To qualify for the Heidelberg scholarship, the applicant must be a first-time fresher or transfer student who are not Ohio state residents. The grant can be renewed for 4 years as long as the recipient has a satisfactory academic progress.
Korean American scholarship foundation – western regional chapter:
If a student has a Korean heritage studying in the United States, they can apply for a scholarship at the Korean American scholarship foundation – western regional chapter, regardless of their citizenship. The applicant must be a full time enrollment in any of the designated Southwestern region states such as Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. A CGPA of minimum 3.0 is also required, along with demonstrated financial need. Leon Bradley scholarship program offers minorities or persons of color scholarships of almost of $2000 to encourage them to enter the fields of teaching and school leadership. AASPA believes that diversity among the educators who serve as role models for our students are of great benefit for the students.

Career Opportunities
Being the least populated state in the country and being rich with natural resources means career opportunities in Wyoming are quite vast. The Wyoming job market is heavily dependent on energy industry. This industry is expected to grow furthermore leaving a great opportunity to build a proficient career.
Building a good customer relation is always the number one priority in states where the population is small. As the least populated state in the country Wyoming has a great opportunity in sales. So, people and students who love to interact with people and have the enthusiasm to sell are very much welcome in the state of Wyoming. Some of the responsibilities in sales involve:
- Actively listen to customers and the sell solutions to them
- Make the customer excited about a new product
- Educate customers about the product in details
- Build a good and happening relationship with the customer and earn their confidence.
-Use passion for sales and marketing to achieve company goals.
- Analyze data and make surveys.
- Ensure data integrity.
Must have:
• Minimum of two year degree or relevant experience
• Flexibility and availability to work in the evenings and weekends
Also required:
• Ability to sell and meet goals. Work experience in related sectors is a huge bonus for anyone interested in this career.
• Flexibility in learning new technology and proactive in daily life.
• Experience with dealing the customers and solving their problems.
• Military training and experience.

With a goal to serve the community of Wyoming the best pharmaceutical services including clinical services, the pharmaceutical companies are always looking for enthusiastic and charismatic pharmacists. Subjects such as health care management, healthcare administrations are favorable for a great career in the state of Wyoming.
Responsibility of a pharmacist include:
• Apply company initiatives to increase profitability of the company
• Being active in clinical support and services.
• Administrating pharmacy technicians, clerks, employees and pharmacy interns
• Upholds operational standards, including performing metric, safety and compliance
• A minimum of Bachelor’s degree in pharma.
• An Active pharmacy license in states of practice with all held licenses in good standing.
• Certified immunizer is always preferred
• Ability to work in difficult and challenging situations.
• Ability to work on a variety of schedules. Even on holidays and weekends.

The goal is to respond to the psychosocial needs of residents and their family members.
• As part of the admission process, meeting with residents and parents to review advanced directives, resident rights and discrimination.
• Conducting and documenting social services evaluation, identification of residents problems and needs and arranging appropriate social services.
• Helping residents and their families in their social, racial, ethnic and cultural context to cope with the immediate effects of the decision to move to the facility.
• Implementing social service interventions to get to the treatment goals, the needs of the residents, link social supports, physical care and physical environment to enhance quality life.
• Performing duties that does not fall under the job criteria
• Minimum of bachelor’s degree, preferably in behavioral science
• Minimum experience of at least one year in supervised social work experience working with individuals in a long-term or sub-acute health care setting.
• A valid Current Social Work license in the state.
Physical demands and environment:
While working under normal office environment, an employee might need to sit, bend, stoop, use keyboard, talk, see, and hear. Often times, their help might be needed to lift small to heavy objects including assisting with the movement of the residents.

This job is suitable for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Their duties involve:
• Assessment of the system, which facilitates the delivery of quality resident care.
• Facilitates the resolution of issues and concerns with the association of the resident/ patient care.
• Evaluating all nursing procedures and systems related to that unit.
• Nursing diagnoses that is the basis for the delivery care
• Making assessments regarding the health status of the resident/patient.
• Health education to patients and their families.
• Involvement in quality assurance activity.
• Believe in the practice of limitations based on qualification
• Performing other duties assigned
There are certain requirements for this job position. They include-
• Graduation from an accredited school of nursing
• A valid and working state license for nursing
• One to three years of supervisory experience will be preferred.
Physical demands and environment:
May be required to respond to urgent issues 24/7. An employee has to frequently stand, walk, use hands or fingers, reach with hands and arms, talk, feel and listen. Often exposed to blood or other body fluids, fumes, airborne particles and toxic.
Logistics is one of the most demanding sectors for a career. Almost a thousand vacant jobs have been found till June 2017.

Management Executive:
Graduate from nursing schools can apply for an executive job with a yearly pay of almost $110,000. Their duties include:
• Assessing physical conditions of patients through physical examinations and diagnostic testing.
• Administering patients medication and their treatment
• Participating in the care planning process of the patients
• Supervising LPNs and nursing assistants.
• Administering physicians regarding the changes in the patients’ conditions and diagnostic test results etc.
• Documenting assessments and care given by the physicians in compliance with the standards of care and company policy.
• Educating patients and their family about health related issues.
• Performs other duties as well.
Executive jobs are always high in demand in Wyoming. As of June 15, 2017, 544 jobs have been found vacant.

Computer Information Systems (IT):
The state of Wyoming is always seeking for applicants for a system administration position. The duties of this position include:
• Operations, acquisition, maintenance, and service of the IT systems including asset management, applications, databases, hardware and software products, servers and storage systems, network, audio, and video system infrastructure for the court operations.
• University degree in computer science or related field
• 5-7 years of work experience
• Certification in CCNP, CCNA, MCSE, MCSA or Meraki
• Flexibility to travel across Wyoming to various courts.
As of June 15, 2017, about 415 IT jobs are vacant. Wyoming has excellent facilities when it comes to higher education. Accompanied by great weather and a clam and peaceful campus facility, this is one of the best options to get a higher degree. The scholarship opportunity in this state is one of the best. For the students who are looking for a higher education but are financially deprived Wyoming should be top of their list. The career opportunity in this state is also very attractive. In short, Wyoming is one of the best states for a higher education. If you plan to pursue a career in Healthcare, technology, engineering, and agriculture management, Wyoming should definitely be your top priority.