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Wyoming Schools and College Information

Do you live in Wyoming? Are you ready to begin planning the next educational phase of your life? Are you not sure which college or university that you want to attend? Are you trying to do your homework so that you can hopefully make the best possible decision about your future? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should definitely keep reading so that you can learn everything you need to know about what Wyoming may have to offer you in your educational pursuits. The state of Wyoming is bordered by Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah. Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the United States and it will allow you to experience high elevation prairies and the mountain ranges and foothills of the Eastern Rocky Mountains. You can also expect to have the chance to experience wildlife refuges and hatcheries, national parkways, and historic sites throughout this exciting state.

Although Wyoming has a wealth of great educational choices for prospective students to choose from, there are a handful of colleges and universities that are top ranked in this state. Keep in mind, just because a particular school is not among the list of top ranked schools does not mean that it will not allow you to obtain your goals. Regardless of anyone’s list and selections, you will want to choose a college or university that you know will help you meet your goals and that will work with your learning style. The number one most popular choice in the state of Wyoming is the University of Wyoming, which is located near the city of Cheyenne. This university allows you to enjoy the many outdoor activities in this part of the state, while gaining a valuable education. As with many large universities, you will be able to choose a particular degree program from several colleges and schools. The second most popular learning institution in this state is the Casper College. This college is located in the Laramie mountain range and will give you the chance to study in one of several colleges. For instance, you could pursue a degree program in life sciences, business, fine arts, language and literature, and health science, among other options.

Sheridan College, which serves as the main campus of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, is one of the top educational choices in this state. At this institution you will have the chance to complete a two year program that will prepare you for immediate entry into the work force, or you can choose to transfer to a four year college to further your educational degree in this field of study. Some of the available programs you can choose to pursue are related to business, biology, agricultural science, English, and criminal justice, among others. Or, maybe you should consider the two year institution, Northwest College. Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming in the city of Powell, this college has a wealth of available programs for you to choose from.

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