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Do you have your high school diploma in your hand? Are you now anxious to get the next step in your educational plan started? Have you been a life-long resident of the great state of Washington, but you aren’t totally sure if you want to stay in this state to complete your post-secondary degree program? Don’t worry; weighing out your educational options is always a good thing. This planning phase serves as an effective step to help ensure that you don’t make poor decisions that do not work towards accomplishing your educational and career goals. As with most states, Washington has schools that will allow you to complete a formal two year or four year degree program, schools that are more technically focused, and schools that offer a hybrid based approach that include online options.

Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States where you can experience bays that were previously carved out by glaciers, island, fjords, mountain ranges, and deep rainforests. The great, historical state of Washington has several educational options that you can choose to pursue while you enjoy the natural beauties that this state is known for. Although some universities are ranked higher or are more popular choices by students, throughout the state of Washington you will have six state universities, 31 technical and community colleges, and 24 private colleges to choose from. The University of Washington at Seattle is one of the oldest universities on the west coast; this university is also worldly recognized as being a top research institution. Within this university, you can choose to attend one of 17 schools and colleges, such as forest resources, ocean and fishery services, dentistry, and architecture and urban planning. Washington State University, which is located in Pullman, is another viable option for prospective students to consider. At this university you can pursue an undergraduate or a graduate level degree in one of more than 200 fields of study. Some of the top programs offered at this institution are in areas of nursing, business, forest science, veterinary science, education, engineering, and writing.

Western Washington University is located between Vancouver and Seattle. This university has been recognized as the best regional public university in the pacific west for several consecutive years and will make it possible for you to pursue an undergraduate degree program or a graduate level degree program. Although this university offers seven different schools for students to attend, the most common choices has students attending the school of humanities and social sciences and the college of environmental science. Other great choices are the Eastern Washington University and Central Washington University. Eastern Washington University is located in Spokane and will give you the chance to study one of over 100 fields of study. Central Washington University, which is located in Ellensburg, allows students to focus their studies in one of four colleges. At this institution you will be able to pursue an undergraduate or graduate level degree program, as well as have the chance to join the Honors College or Honors Research Program.