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Utah Colleges and Universities

Are you interested in joining the many people who move to Utah to attend college? Or, maybe you are already among the people who live in Utah and you are interested in what the post-secondary schools in this state have to offer you? In recent years, the state of Utah, which is located in the Western portion of the United States, has been recognized as the 34th most populous state in our country. However, approximately eighty percent of this state’s population lives along the Wasatch Front, which centers on Salt Lake City. This western state boasts numerous collegiate choices for students who are pursuing practically any course of study. Utah is known as being the center of transportation, government services, mining, and information technology and research. In addition, this state is well recognized as being a major tourist destination for outdoor activities.

As far as educational options go, Utah has 15 private institutions and 10 public universities and colleges. In addition, there are numerous choices in the areas of technical schools, junior colleges, community colleges, and vocational institutes. It is important to note that the state of Utah is largely made up of individuals who are of the Mormon faith; this religious belief tends to carry over to the educational offerings in this state. For instance, this is well recognized in the popular Brigham Young University. This university is the largest and the most popular choice for students who plan to attend college in Utah. As you work to complete one of 188 academic programs, you will also be thriving in an atmosphere that is directly aligned with the principles and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The top programs at this school are in the areas of performing arts and languages. In addition to this popular choice, you will also want to consider secular colleges such as Weber State, University of Utah, and Utah State. However, it is important to note that throughout this state there are 61 college campuses; 17 of them will allow you to earn a bachelor’s level degree and 9 of them offer advanced level degrees.

The University of Utah, which is located in Salt Lake City, is certainly a school that you will want to thoroughly check out. At this school you will have the chance to pursue one of 77 undergraduate programs, one of 70 minor and certificate based programs, one of 40 teaching degree programs, and one of 95 graduate level degree programs. This learning institution is the only one in the state that offers a nationally ranked pharmacy program, as well as programs in geophysics and meteorology. Weber State University is another great option for Utah students to consider. Located in Ogden, you will have the chance to attend one of their seven different academic colleges. Weber State University offers degree programs in areas of health profession, social and behavioral sciences, science, education, business and economics, applied science and technology, and arts and humanities.

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