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Online Degrees in South Dakota

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Do you have your high school diploma in hand and now you are itching to get started on the next phase of your education? Do you live in or near the state of South Dakota and you are doing some research about possible learning institutions that interest you and that will also help you achieve your goals? Or, maybe you don’t live in the state of South Dakota now, but you are thinking that starting college may be the absolute best time to make a change in scenery. Regardless of what your thought process has been, you will definitely want to keep reading to learn what you need to know about the state of South Dakota and its educational offerings. It is important to note that in this state, like most others, you will have the chance to attend junior or community colleges, technical or vocational institutes, or traditional four year colleges and universities. In addition, if your learning style is conducive to a distance learning program, many of these institutions will likely offer programs that will allow you to complete at least a portion of the requirements in an online format. In the state of South Dakota there are 30 different learning institutions for you to choose from. However, it is important to note that not all of these choices offer students the same academic options. For instance, at 17 of these schools you will be able to earn a bachelor’s level degree and at 14 of them you will be able to work towards earning your graduate level degree.

South Dakota State University is the largest university in the state; it is also the most popular choice among students that live here. Located in Brookings, this institution offers students more than 200 academic programs to choose from. At this university you can pursue a graduate level degree or an undergraduate degree in one of eight different colleges, such as: agricultural and biological sciences, education and counseling, family and consumer science, and pharmacy. This institution, which is located in the city of Vermillion, has an average enrollment of about 8,000 students. In addition, this university has six different colleges and four signature programs and has received recognition as being one of the nation’s top academic institutions. Another great option for students is the Black Hills State University, which is located in the town of Spearfish. At this institution you can choose from about 56 undergraduate degree programs and 40 minor degree programs. In addition, this university is divided into three different schools: college of education, college of business and technology, and the college of arts and sciences.

The fourth most popular academic option for students who live in the state of South Dakota is to attend Northern State University, which is located in Aberdeen. This university offers students more than 86 undergraduate degree programs and 9 graduate level degree programs in practically any field of study that you can imagine. However, the most popular fields of study at this institution are their programs in management and education.