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Have you finished the requirements that made it possible to earn your high school diploma? Do you live in South Carolina and you are trying to decide the best place to further your education? Were you completely overwhelmed because of the many, many choices just in this one state? That is actually understandable; South Carolina has about 90 colleges and universities to choose from. However, some of these choices may not be practical for you due to their location and others may not offer degree programs in the specific area that you have decided to pursue. For instance, there are 41 institutions that offer associate’s degree programs, 38 campuses that offer bachelor’s degree programs and 24 that offer advanced level, graduate degrees. However, if you have already identified the field of study that you plan to pursue a degree in, you have likely already made your decision much easier! Keep in mind, within this state you will be able to choose from vocational and trade institutes, technical schools, junior and community colleges, and traditional four year colleges and universities. In addition, you may also be able to complete some or all of the requirements of a specific degree program through a distance learning program.

The largest collegiate choice in the state of South Carolina is the University of South Carolina at Columbia. This institution has been recognized as the 54th top public school in our nation. Although this school offers more than 350 degree programs for students to pursue, its school of business is consistently ranked as number one in the nation. Other top ranked fields of study are political science, finance, mechanical engineering, psychology, and management. Clemson University is the second most popular post-secondary institution in the state of South Carolina. At this school you will be able to choose from about 70 undergraduate degree programs and about 100 graduate level degree programs, which are divided among five different colleges.

You will definitely want to include the College of Charleston to your list of possible institutions. This college is recognized as the first higher learning institution within the state of South Carolina. Although this school is known as a liberal arts institution, it also offers students degree programs in six different colleges. For instance, you can choose a degree program in the school of language, cultures, and world affairs, the school of arts, the school of health and human performance, the school of business and economics, and the school of education. Another great choice is Coastal Carolina University, which is located near Myrtle Beach in the town of Conway. This institution began as a small junior college and has grown to be recognized as one of the top schools in the state of South Carolina. Within this institution you will have the opportunity to pursue one of 38 majors of study, one of 36 minor areas, and several areas of master’s level degrees. This university is divided into four colleges: education, humanities and fine arts, natural and applied sciences, and business administration.


College is no doubt one of the most important parts in life. It is not only a time to create memories and friends, but it is a significant part in life that will help you select your future career and what it is exactly you want to do with your life. As college is so important, it is also essential for you to think of what sort of college you will fit in. There are colleges with large student bodies and smaller student bodies. Also, tuition and scholarship availability is also an important factor. Of course, if you have a major you are interested in studying, you also need to look for a college that has a good school for it. If you are not, you may consider liberal arts colleges to help you discover different subjects before you come to decide on one particular major. South Carolina is one state you may want to consider. It has one of the oldest colleges in America, and also the first municipal college of the country. South Carolina has different kinds of colleges that will cater to what you are looking for. Furthermore, there are all kinds of different sizes of student bodies and many different degrees offered that you may want to consider. There are liberal arts colleges, technical institutes and also institutes with religious affiliation.
South Carolina is a great place to consider your further education. The tuition here is lower than average, so whether you intend to go to the public funded or a private institute, you can be sure that you do not need to pay up the higher end of your higher education fees. Career opportunities in South Carolina are also something you may need to consider. You may also be happy to know that general salaries of jobs at South Carolina is higher than the average job wages in the United States of America. Also, the relaxed environment of South Carolina might be what you are looking for when you want to think of the next stage of your life, especially if you are not a fan of the busy lifestyle in big cities. Here is a list of some colleges in South Carolina that you may want to look at, especially if you are considering the state as a place for you to pursue your tertiary degree.
Clemson University
Clemson University is a pretty old institute, housing its students at a vintage looking campus. It offers around 80 undergraduate programs and 110 graduate programs for students to select from. Clemson University has a giant student body; it has over eighteen thousand students for undergraduate programs and around five thousand students for their graduate program. That being said, this institute has a student to faculty ratio of 16:1. This means that an average classroom at Clemson University is smaller as there are sixteen students to ever faculty member at the institute. This is great for classroom discussions and is great for students looking for smaller and more intimate environments to earn their degree.
Clemson University has a “College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences” that hosts a variety of different engineering programs. This includes mechanical engineering what deals mechanical structures, how to build structures and machines. Electrical engineering deals with circuits and wiring, the hardware aspect of any gadget. There are more options, such as computer engineering, that deals with the software aspect of gadgets and is a highly demanding degree in the recent years. There is even a general engineering program that allows you to become an engineer even if you are not sure with aspect of engineering you want to commit to.
Business Management
Business is not all about crunching numbers. Business deals with various aspects of how to run a company, starting from a managerial aspect, where you train yourself on how to deal with employees, clients and superiors, to finance, where you learn about money matters, and how to make the best financial decisions, to marketing, where you learn how to brand and sell your product. It is a degree for leaders and entrepreneurs. The College of Business at Clemson University also offers some interesting degrees such as Military leadership and Aerospace Studies.
Health Sciences
Clemson University offers degrees for health sciences. Health Sciences deal with professions such as nursing, pharmacy, medicine and so on. There are several departments offering health science degrees at Clemson University under the “College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences”. There is a nursing school, as well as a department for psychology, public health and community studies.
Presbyterian College
Presbyterian College is a college with a somewhat larger student body of just over ten thousand. It is a smaller institute with an average classroom size of 13 students. The student to faculty ratio at Presbyterian College is 11 to 1. Presbyterian College offers many physical and athletic activities and most of the student body actively participates in such opportunities. If you enjoy such activities, you may want to take a closer look at this college. Presbyterian College offers 42 different majors and 9 pre-professional degrees (such as a pre-med degree).
Earning a degree in history will give you the freedom to learn about a lot of different topics. History of the world does not only include the Civil War. You will learn about the history of different places in different times, such as the history of Japan and how it came to be today. History is also important for current times, as any notable event to take place today will be something worth reading in history textbooks in the future years to come. Furthermore, as this is a liberal arts degree, you will be allowed to take a minor in any discipline you desire.
Psychology is an interesting subject where you can learn about human behavior and what influences people’s choices. Psychology is not just about people in straightjackets. It is a subject that allows you to understand the people around you better, and is also a very rewarding subject to understand, as you will be able to help out many people once you earn your degree. You can also keep in mind that psychology is a subject that will always have a basic demand. There are many aspects of psychology, as it can vary from business psychology to psychology that deals with children and victims of abuse.
Wofford College
For those of you looking for a smaller and homelier environment to pursue your degree, Wofford College is a good option. It has a student body of only about sixteen hundred students. However, it offers over fifty undergraduate degrees. The average classroom size is less than twenty and there is a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1. There are over fourteen Greek organizations to take part in. Considering the name of the institute, you might be fascinated to know that the mascot of Wofford College is actually a terrier, and they have a club called “Terrier Club” to support all sports activities of the college.
Wofford have some potential degree options that you may want to consider. They are as follows:
English Language and Literature
Studying the English language and literature is the work for those who have a keen perception and has a curiosity for the deeper understanding of things. Although this is not philosophy, earning a degree in English allows you to look at the work through various perspectives. You will learn how the English language came about, with the origin of words and the integration of other languages. If you like to read, literature will let you read different texts from different times, and you will critic each work to your freedom. The thing about literature is that there are no wrong answers. It is definitely a degree you will enjoy if you love to understand things from your own perspective.
Biology is the major for you in you enjoyed cutting up bugs in school and learning all the parts. However, biology is not limited to this. You will learn about plants, animals and everything else in between. Biology is not essentially about becoming a doctor. However, you will come to understand the human body better because of it.
Being a biology major in the 21st century is an exciting matter, as there are constantly new things being discovered and opportunities for you to take part in numerous researches. As a Wofford biology major, you will have access to on campus and off campus research.
The Citadel
The Citadel is also known as the Military College of South Carolina. There are less than three thousand undergraduate students enrolled in the institute and it offers various clubs and other extracurricular activities. The average classroom size is about twenty. The students at the Citadel is also known as cadets. You must know in advance that this institute will give you a rigorous training with strict rules to abide by. Furthermore, most of the student body is male. If you are looking for a college experience with discipline, this is one of the rare institutes that will provide you with what you are looking for.
The Citadel offers some popular degrees including business and engineering. Here are some more degrees that the Citadel is popular for.
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
Since this is a military institute, it should come to no surprise that it has a respectable criminal justice and law enforcement department. This degree is not students who have high analytical skills and can apply relevant knowledge at the correct moments. This is a respectable department of the institute and it often invites notable people to host seminars regarding the subject matter in various different topics.
Furman University
This is a private university located in Greenville, South Carolina. Furman university is a private liberal arts university with a student body of a little over 2800. That being said, Furman University has a somewhat smaller student body community, and has a student to faculty ratio of 11 to one. As this is a private university, the tuition cost is generally higher. There are grants available for students to apply for. There are many activities available, including various sports activities for students. There are over 60 degree choices available at Furman University.
Communication Studies
This is an up and coming degree that is being popular in many universities today. Communication studies include a vast amount of learning in one degree. You will find yourself being trained to be a powerful speaker, learn how to be a proper advocate and understand the skills of human and digital communication. Furman University also allows various study trips to countries all over the world that will help you get credits for your course work as you discover new countries.
Politics and International Affairs
Politics is a complex subject. It covers all the intricate designs of governments locally and internationally, and will allow you to understand the dealings between governments, countries and other organizations. AS Furman University is a liberal arts university, this will allow you to choose your own focus, whether you want to focus on international affairs or any other form.
Economics is for those who are interested in mathematics and the social structure. Economics will allow you to understand the business structure, and how to deem if a country is financially stable or not. Studying in economics can often land you in prestigious jobs, and is a good option for you if you are interested in analyzing and understanding how businesses succeed and fail, and how larger institutions and governments, and even people’s choices play a role in it all.

Career Training in South Carolina

There are numerous good career opportunities in South Carolina that will definitely surprise you. Although it is not seem as the most competitive hub to make a living, there are many places in which you will get a good place in an organization and be content. Here are some careers you may want to consider if you feel that South Carolina is the place for you.
Being a surgeon comes with many perks. The first one is that you get to save lives and make a giant different to hundreds of people in your life. There are many opportunities for competitive surgeons in South Carolina, and it is also one of the highest paying jobs present in the state. Surgeons easily have a six-figure salary, which can go higher than $200,000. Even an entry level surgeon can earn well over $100,000. Of course, this job does come after spending years in med-school, but it is a career that is well worth the time of any resilient human being and on the bright side, you will never be out of a job.
Here is a list of responsibilities of a surgeon:
• Analyze patient’s medical history to understand and prescribe the proper operation procedure
• Prescribe appropriate preoperative and postoperative procedures
• Instruct activities of nurses and other medical staff
• Follow reliable surgery techniques and procedures during operation
• Examine patient to understand the current state of the patient’s body.
• Perform operations
• Refer patient to any other medical authority when required
• Research on surgical studies to improve techniques
A surgeon is required to have the following qualifications:
• A four-year undergraduate degree on a science subject or a pre-med program
• A four-year degree from a medical school
• Be a part in a three-year residency program
• Perform in an internship at hospitals (time may vary)
Being a lawyer is a highly respected position. An average salary for a lawyer goes over $100,000. A lawyer is a good profession for you in you love a challenge, and are a critical thinker. Lawyers are one of the highest paid workers in South Carolina after all the medical professions. A lawyer has several duties to perform as a part of his/her job. Some of these are listed below:
• Provide professional counsel to various business and people
• Analyze the probable outcomes of cases, using knowledge of legal guides
• Interpret laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses
• Summarizing and presenting cases to juries and judges
• Gather up evidence, examine them thoroughly and try to find their true association with the case, specially in support of the client you are representing
• Evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases
• Represent clients in front of the law, i.e. court or government agencies
• Selection of jurors, questioning of witnesses and arguing motions among various other tasks
Of course, there are several requirements in order to be a lawyer. They are listed below.
• You need to have a four year undergrad degree on law
• You must complete 3 years in a law school
• You need to pass the Bar exam in order to be qualified to practice law
• You must be aware of the laws in each state jurisdiction, as this varies from each state
Architects design and plan houses, buildings and any form of interiors. Architects in South Carolina enjoy an average salary of over $120,000 a year and the starting salary of an architect is over $70,000 annually. An entry level architect needs to undergo a rigorous undergraduate degree of about 5 years and is schools in all aspects of architecture. There are usually no more educational requirements mandatory for an architect. The main aspect that dictates the competitiveness of an architect is experience and a commendable portfolio. The richer the portfolio and the greater the experience, the higher the pay. Architects have the freedom to work in a firm or practice on their own (given they have a good group of clienteles). Architects are responsible for the following work in their projects:
• Understand the needs and demands of the client
• Asses the construction site and understand the pros and cons of the place and area
• Understand the financial situation of the project, and what exactly is feasible with the given budget
• Have access to local and foreign products to incorporate into the projects
• Have access to proper labor teams to in order for the work to take place
• Create a blueprint of the site with and without the design plan
• Design the site according to the demands of the client, whilst making it aesthetically pleasing and also functional. This can be the exterior, interior or both. Plans can include a variety of things such as building facelift, landscaping, furniture placing, etc.
• Visit the site at regular intervals in order to make sure that the plans are being followed accordingly and correct any mistakes made
• Keep the client updated and ensure that the client is happy with the finished work