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Do you live in or near the small state of Rhode Island? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and are now looking to the future of continuing your level of education? Even though you think you are familiar with what this state has to offer, do you feel like you are at a loss for what specific colleges and universities actually have to offer you? Or, maybe you have previously lived in another state and now you are interested in moving to Rhode Island to pursue your post-secondary education. No matter which of these situations you fit into, you will definitely want to keep reading to learn the most pertinent information about this state and to ensure that you are making a sound choice for your future. Keep in mind, within this state there are technical colleges, vocational institutes, trade schools, and traditional four year colleges and universities for you to choose from as you plot your educational path.

Within the state of Rhode Island there are 24 colleges and universities for students to choose from, along with a wealth of recreational activities. However, it is important to note that only 7 of these institutions offer students an associate’s degree program, 11 that offer a bachelor’s degree program, and only 9 that offer an advanced, graduate level degree program. The University of Rhode Island is one of the largest and most popular collegiate choices in this state. Located in Kingston, students will have the opportunity to pursue one of more than 100 areas of study within seven different colleges. Although there is a wealth of academic choices, the most common choices are in areas of human development, family studies, communication studies, nursing, and psychology. A second viable option for students is the Johnson and Wales University, which is located in Providence. Although this institution began as a business school, it has grown into a unique institution. For instance, at this university you will have the chance to complete an upside down curriculum, an interactive, hands on approach to learning, and the chance to complete two degree programs in a four year period. In addition, there are seven different colleges that students can choose from should they decide to attend this university.

Another academic choice is Rhode Island College, which is located in Providence. With an enrollment of approximately 9,000 students, there are five different colleges for students to choose from: the school of education and human development, the school of social work, the school of management, the school of arts and sciences, and the school of nursing. As a resident of Rhode Island, you definitely will not want to forget Brown University. This institution was established in 1764, making it the seventh oldest learning institution in the country. At this university you will have the chance to pursue one of over 100 areas of major or to create your own area of study. However, popular areas of study at this institution are international relations, political science, economics, history, biological sciences, and engineering.

Collegea and Universities in Rhode Island

One of the smallest in the area and the 8th least populated state in the United States of America, the state of Rhode Island is connected to the state of Connecticut in the west and to the state of Massachusetts from the north and east. It is known as the “Ocean state”, due to the large coastal bodies and inlets.
Brown University
Located in the city of Providence at Rhode Island, Brown University is one of the private Ivy League universities in the United States of America. Founded in the year of 1761 it is considered one of the first universities in the United States Where are accepted students despite the religious affiliation. Brown University is considered one of the first Ivy League University in the country. The main campus of the University is situated in the college held historic district and its neighborhood is a state listed architectural district.
Currently, the university consists of about 6000 undergraduate students, 2000 postgraduate students, 700 faculty members and around 1000 administrative staff. The University consists the Graduate School, The College, the School of Engineering, the School of Professional Studies, Alpert Medical School and the School of Public Health. Apart from that, the University offers international programs which are provided by the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, and it is associated with the Rhode Island School of Design and the Marine Biological Laboratory. The University have gained many accreditations and some of them include Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Liaison Committee on Medical Education, Council on Education for Public Health and much more.
Some of the programs offered by the Brown University are:
English: The University provides Bachelor of Arts in English which teaches the students on how the English literature works, how to learn about different principles of the English language, understanding various types of writing and reading and learning the history of the English language. Upon completion of the program, the student can work in various fields such as visual media, the press, teaching etc.
Public health: The University provides an interdisciplinary concentration of Public Health that enables the students to understand the various aspects of human health, how health services offered in the public health system, the political, social and biological view of public health etc.
The University of Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island is situated in a small village of Kingston in the southern part of the state Rhode Island. The University was established in the year of 1888 as an agricultural School by the state and an agricultural experiment station. The main campus of the university was originally a farmhouse which was known as the Oliver Watson Farm. In the year of 1892, the School became Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and by the year of 1909, it became Rhode Island state college. The university also has other campuses such as the Feinstein campus in the city of Providence, the W. Alton Jones campus in the city of West Greenwich, the Narragansett Bay Campus in the city of Narragansett and the Rhode Island Nursing Education Center in the city of Providence.
At the moment, the University of Rhode Island consists of about 13,000 undergraduate students, around 2800 graduate students, about 600 administrative staff and 700 faculty members. The university consists of eight academic interests which include Environment and Sustainability; Business, Economic and Data Analytics; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; Arts and Humanities; Health and Health Administration; and Communication, Media, and Design. The University has achieved many accreditations over the years which includes American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, National Association of School Psychologists, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the North American Association of Summer Sessions, American Society of Landscape Architects, the Northeast Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professorate and much more.
Programs offered by the University of Rhode Island are:
Accounting: The University provides an undergraduate program in accounting that enables the students to understand different perspectives of accounting such as income tax, presenting annual financial reports, auditing etc. Upon completion, the students can work in various management firms and banks.
Biomedical Engineering: The University provides an undergraduate program in biomedical engineering which teaches the students about life and sciences and how to apply them to solve real life problems. The students will learn on how to create different medical equipment in order to treat diseases.
Johnson and Wales University
Johnson and Wales University is a non-profit private institution which provides coeducation and it is completely career oriented University. Johnson and Wales University was established in the year of 1914 as a business school by Gertrude I. Johnson and Mary T. Wales. The university consists of 4 campuses throughout the country. The first and the largest campus of the University is situated in the city of Providence in the state of Rhode Island while other campuses are located in Denver in the state of Colorado North, North Miami in the states of Florida, Denver in the state of Colorado, Charlotte in the state of North Carolina, Charleston in the state of South Carolina, and Norfolk in the state of Virginia.
Currently, there are more than 16,000 enrolled in the university with about 700 faculty members and around 800 administrative staff. There are nine academic sections in the University which includes the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Culinary Arts, the College of Business, the Hospitality College, the Center for Physician Assistant Studies, the College of Health and Wellness, the College of Engineering & Design, the College of Online Education and the Graduate Studies. The university has gained many accreditations since its establishment which includes e New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc., Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, Colorado Commission on Higher Education, Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements and the Commission for Independent Education.
Programs that are offered by the Johnson & Wales University are:
Robotic Engineering: The University offers Bachelor of Science in Robotic Engineering that prepares the students to learn about various types of industrial- based work with modern and innovative technology. The students learn how to research, apply the knowledge of science and mathematics, and devise solutions to critical problems.
Health Science: The Johnson & Wales University offers Bachelor of Science in Health Science that creates an opportunity for the students to work in various sectors after graduation which includes public health organization hospitals, teaching in schools or universities and much more.
The Rhode Island College
Established in the year of 1854, the Rhode Island College is located in the city of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. The college is known as Second oldest college in Rhode Island. It is a co-educational which consists of about 7000 undergraduate students and over 1300 post graduates students. Along with that, the college has over 500 faculty members and around 650 administrative staff.
The College has five academic units which include the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development, the School of Social Work, the School of Management, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Nursing. The college offers around 90 bachelor programs, about 30 masters programs, and 3 certificate programs. Over the years, the college has gained many accreditations which includes National Association of Schools of Music, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, Council on Social Work Education and Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.
Environmental Studies: The Rhode Island College offers a Bachelor program in Environmental Studies. The program prepares the students on how human beings connect with the environment in order to create a clean and sustainable future. The students take courses in Mathematics, Biology and Physical Sciences. The program enables the students to work in various positions such as environmental journalist, manager for natural resources, environmental consultant and much more.
Marketing: The College provides a Bachelor program in Marketing that teaches the students various principles of marketing, finance, and management. Upon completion of the program, the students will be able to work as a marketing analyst or consultant, as a banker, entrepreneur, marketing manager, and much more.
The Rhode Island School of Design
Located in the city of Providence in the state of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island School of Design is one of the best art and design schools in the United States of America. School bus established in the year of 1877 with the help of Helen Adelia Rowe Metcalf and the Centennial Women. Helens served as the director of the school and after her death in the year of 1931, her daughter Eliza Greene Metcalf Radeke became the director of the school.
At the moment, there are more than 1500 undergraduate students, about 350 graduate students, over 450 faculty members and curators and 400 administrative staff. The design school offers various creative programs such as Furniture design, Graphic design, Landscape Architecture, Sculpture, Illustration, Textiles, and much more. The design school is accredited by many prestigious institutions which include National Architectural Accrediting Board, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Landscape Architecture Accrediting Board and National Association of Schools of Art and Design.
Some of the programs offered by the Rhode Island School of Design are:
Graphic Design: The school provides four years Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design that teaches the students on various principles of graphic design which includes animations, stop motions etc. The program enables the students to learn about visual communication, editing and learning on how to develop their skills in order to create their own design studio.
Interior Architecture: The design school offers Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture that primarily concentrates on studio design, theater design, designs for exhibitions and much more. The students develop skills to create intricate designs and implement them in real life, make both 3D and 2D digital models and physical models, understand various tools and equipment and much more.

Scholarships in Rhode Island

New England Regional Student Program: This is a great program offered by the New England Board of Higher Education. The programs offer a tuition fee discount for students who are a resident of New England and are enrolled in an accredited program in universities or colleges in the states which include Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.
NEWWA Francis X. Crowley Scholarship: The scholarship is provided to the students who are enrolled in a four-year University or College and is accepted to accredited programs such as Business, Management, Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering. Be noted that in order to receive the scholarship, the students must be a resident of New England and mist be enrolled in a university or college located in New England. The students who will be selected will receive a total award of $3000.
Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg: The Textile Study Group of New York is offering the chance to win the Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg where the winner will receive an award of $1500 and a member of the Textile Study Group of New York. The students will be selected by the Student Award Committee of the Textile Study Group of New York. Only university or college students and graduate students will be able to apply for this program. It is absolutely free of charge and neither there is no entry fee nor do you have to be a member of the Textile Study Group of New York to apply.
NEWWA Joseph Murphy Scholarship: The Joseph Murphy Scholarship is applicable only for those students who are studying civil engineering, business, and management, environmental engineering or science. Be noted that the students must be enrolled in an accredited program in a university or college and they must have a membership of NEWWA. The students must also reside in Rhode Island and must be accepted to a university or college located in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island for Graduates

The state of Rhode Island is known as the 17th wealthiest state in the United States where the average income is around $21,000 and the personal average income is around $31,000. According to the statistics, the average household income per year is $41,000 and the average family income is around $50,000. The state of Rhode Island had a provincial base in fishing. During the American Industrial Revolution, the primary grantor was the Blackstone River Valley. Situated in Pawtucket, the Slater Mill was established by the English- American industrialist, Samuel Slater, which gained the water power from the Blackstone River Valley and has led to expanding the cotton mills in the area. Textiles became a pioneering industry in the state of Rhode Island. But by the end of the 20th century, the textile industry started to decline. Though it does not have the same influence as before, the textile industry still plays an important role in the economy of Rhode Island.
Gradually, other industries have started to expand in the region which includes manufacturing tools, costume jewelry, transportation and its accessories, silverware, electrical accessories and structural materials. In an area of only 1,214, the state of Rhode Island has diverse economic industries that are best in providing healthcare and education services and manufacturing various accessories. Some of the top industries in the state of Rhode Island are:
Financial Services: Within a few years, the financial and business management industry in Rhode Island has reached the top level. The financial center of the Rhode Island is Providence. The finance sector is expanding and it has been hiring more than 3000 employees every year. Careers in the finance sector are known to provide great salary and job benefits. This is one of the best fields of career for those who have majored in Finance, Business and Management, Accounting and much more. Many large corporations and businesses such as Fidelity and Citizens have built a headquarters in the state of Rhode Island.
Healthcare: The healthcare is a great workforce in the state of Rhode Island where over the past four to five years, the sector has expanded up to 4 per cent. Every year the healthcare industry provides more than 2000 jobs. Most of the job positions are for certified nursing assistant and medical assistant, while other jobs include doctors graduated from an accredited medical school or institution, pharmacy technician, physician, therapist and much more.
Manufacturing: For decades, the manufacturing industry has been one of the largest industry in the state of Rhode Island. Today, the industry has taken to both domestic and international marketplace where it competes with different countries in order to produce best quality products at an affordable price. Though the public sector of the manufacturing industry has declined many manufacturers have taken steps to make a change in order to create a strong presence in the market. The jewelry manufacturing industry has been one of the reasons behind the economic boom of the state of Rhode Island. Currently, more than 7000 people work in the jewelry industry in Rhode Island and every year the industry hires more than 1200 employees. There are more than 700 companies that design intricate and exquisite jewelry, manufacture them and wholesale them to various marketplaces in the overseas. The industry provides potential for those who have amazing talent in designing urban jewelry. Another manufacturing industry that has made its mark in Rhode Island is the electronics industry. Many companies have created large product lines by selling various types of electronics and its accessories. The technology and electronics have been one of the leading industry in the United States of America where it only offers to provide the consumers with innovative and efficient products.
Tourism: The Tourism and the hospitality industry of the Rhode Island have expanded over the years. It has generated a considerable amount of revenue. Some of the best tourist spots that have gained attraction are the ocean beaches, American Revolution bona fides, the city of Newport and much more. The Rhode Island Development Corporation has conducted a study which showed that about $2 billion dollars are generated by an in-state visitor which accounts to about 5 per cent gross state product of Rhode Island. Along with that, around more than $800 million dollars is generated in wages. Every one in 10 people living in the state Rhode Island works in the tourism and hospitality sector.
The tourism industry has generated about $900 million dollars in the federal state which make up 8.3 per cent of the state revenue of Rhode Island. The tourism industry in Rhode Island predicts that over the next 10 years, the number of both in-state and out-of- state visitors will increase three times more. Every year the tourism and hospitality industry hires more than 3000 employees in different fields such as hotels, convention centers, airlines, outdoor recreation, food and beverages and much more. The jobs come with various benefits where you can exercise your talent and passion in your workplace.
The rate of unemployment in the state of Rhode Island has decreased since the year of 2013. The city of Providence has been the only city that took the time to recover from the financial crisis in the year of 2008. There are plenty of opportunity for new graduates where they can easily find jobs in different fields such as finance, tourism, education, marketing, engineering and much more. According to various reports, it is seen that the unemployment rate in the year of 2017 is only around 3 per cent. Some of the best jobs in the state of Rhode Island are Software engineers, insurance sales agent, accountant, computer programmers, electronic engineers, social service assistants, and much more.