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New Hampshire

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Did you just complete your diploma requirements at a New Hampshire high school? Are you preparing yourself to begin working on your post-secondary education? Did you start surveying your options and you quickly found yourself overwhelmed? Keep reading below to learn about the most popular collegiate choices in the state of New Hampshire. Keep in mind, while the most popular choices tend to be traditional, four year universities and colleges, you can also choose to attend local junior or community colleges, vocational or technical institutes, or you can pursue your degree in an online format. For instance, the New Hampshire Community Technical College system offers seven campuses that are scattered throughout the state. While some institutions may be better choices for you because of their location, some colleges or universities may work better for you depending upon your chosen field of study. In addition, you will want to ensure that your chosen learning institution offers degree programs at the level that you plan to pursue (associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate level).

The most popular academic choice is the University of New Hampshire, which is located in Durham. Although this school began as a college for mechanic arts and agriculture, it is now largely recognized for its degree programs in the area of entrepreneurship. However, this learning institution offers degree programs in practically any field of study, at an undergraduate and graduate level degree. The Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester is the second most popular choice among students in this state. This private, not for profit institution is divided into five different colleges and schools for you to choose from. This school also makes it possible for you to complete an undergraduate and a graduate level degree program in your chosen field of study.

The prestigious institution Dartmouth is located in the state of New Hampshire. This Ivy League school is located in Hanover and offers students degree programs at any level in practically any field of study. Ironically enough, this well-known learning institution was founded before our nation was even born! Another great choice for prospective students is Plymouth State University. Although this university originally began as a teacher’s college, in past years its degree programs have broadened to include many different areas of study. For instance, you can pursue their well-known teacher education program, their meteorology program, or degree programs in areas such as theatre, fine arts, liberal arts, and sciences. Lastly, Keene State College is another great choice for students. Although this institution has not been around as long as many of the other institutions in this state, it has risen to the ranks very quickly to become known as one of New Hampshire’s top schools. This learning institution is located in the southwest corner of the state and offers students undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. Although you can choose from practically any different field of study, the most common choices are in areas of English, psychology, history, biology, art, and computer science.

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