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Are you interested in going to a college or university in North Dakota? Are you familiar with the state of North Dakota but you don’t really know much about which colleges or universities are the best to attend? Or, perhaps you are somewhat familiar with the learning institutions in this state, but you aren’t very familiar with what is offered by each one. No matter what your situation is, below you will find a discussion of each of the top ranked schools in the state of North Dakota. Keep in mind, while these institutions have valid reasons for this high ranking, there are also many institutions throughout the state that are great places for you to attend to further your education. In relation to many other states, North Dakota has very few colleges and universities for students to choose from. There are 28 colleges and universities in North Dakota, with approximately 17 of them offering associate’s degree programs and 11 of them offer students bachelor’s degree programs. As you plot your educational path, you will want to begin by choosing a field of study to pursue and then choosing an institution that will fit your career and educational goals.

The University of North Dakota, which is located on the eastern side of the state in Grand Forks, is the oldest university in the state. At this institution you can pursue a graduate level degree or an undergraduate level degree in one of several colleges. For instance, you could choose to attend the college of business and public administration, the school of law, the school of aerospace sciences, and the college of arts and sciences, among others. Another great option for students is North Dakota State University, which is located in Fargo. This university was founded as an agricultural institution and still largely operates on this premise throughout the state. At this institution it is possible for students to pursue a graduate level degree or an undergraduate degree program. Although it originated as a school for aspiring teachers, Minot State University now has four separate divisions: Education and Health Sciences, College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School. Along with its growth, this university has also received recognition as being one of the top learning institutions in the state of North Dakota. Or, maybe you will find that the University of Mary is a better fit for you and your educational aspirations. This not for profit, Roman Catholic university is located in the city of Bismarck. Among other choices you can pursue degree programs in one of several divisions: humanities, education, natural sciences, and mathematics. The fifth most common collegiate choice by students is Dickinson State University, which is located about an hour from Bismarck. Although this institution began as a normal school, it now is comprised of two major colleges: the college of education, business, and applied sciences and the college of arts and sciences. Keep in mind, there are additional choices that you may find to be a great fit for you!

Online Schools in North Dakota

Located in the upper mid- western part of the United States, North Dakota is the 39th state of the United States and it has on its statehood the year of 1899. The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck and the largest city of the state is Fargo. North Dakota is the third least populous state in the United States and the past few decades the economy of North Dakota has been vigorous. Large industries and companies have contributed much to the economy of North Dakota. There are 21 Universities and colleges in North Dakota which are approved by the Carnage calcification of Institution of Higher Education.
University of North Dakota
Located in the city of Grand Forks in North Dakota, the University of North Dakota was established in the year of 1883 by the Dakota Territorial Assembly, just about six years before the state of North Dakota was formed. The university is known to have a strong foundation of liberal arts and along with that, it has expanded into a scientific research university. According to the Carnegie Foundation, the University is known to have one of the best research facilities and it is one of the best universities in the northern Midwest. Currently, the university has more than 14,500 students with about 11,000 undergraduates and around 3000 postgraduates, along with that, the university has about 800 faculty members and more than 2000 administrative staff.
The University of North Dakota has ten schools and colleges which includes John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Public Administration, College of Education and Human Development, College of Engineering and Mines, Graduate School, School of Law, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Nursing and Professional Disciplines and Division of Continuing Education.
Over the years, the University of North Dakota has gained various accreditations which have enabled to enhance the teaching methods of the faculty members and provide the best quality education to the students. Some of the accreditations gained by the university are The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology, Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering, Aviation Accreditation Board International, Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education, The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs and much more.
Chemical Engineering
The University of North Dakota provides Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering which consists of various fundamentals of sciences, mathematics, and chemical engineering. The students are developed with a clear understanding of the program in typical classrooms and hands-on laboratory sequence. The students will be given the opportunity to plan, design, conduct and assess different research and projects. Upon completion of the program, the student can work in various positions such as Environmental Engineer, Quality control Engineer, Sales and marketing engineer, Technical services engineer and much more.
The university provides a major in Nursing where the students will learn about the basics areas of nursing that consist of both theoretical and practical classes. The students are taught on how to operate various clinical equipment in specialized laboratories. You will also be able to take part in research projects and experiments. There are simulations where the nurses get to practice and these enable them to become capable nurses and gain important skills that will make them efficient in the future in their work places.
North Dakota State University
The North Dakota State University is located in the city of Fargo over a 258- acre area. It is a public research university that was founded in the year of 1890 as North Dakota Agricultural College. The university has a state agricultural research center which is situated on 18,488 acres of land. It is considered as one of the largest universities in North Dakota. Currently, there are more than 14,000 students enrolled in the university with around 800 faculty members and more than 1500 administrative staff. The North Dakota State University has several colleges that consist of Engineering, Science and Mathematics, Human Development and Education, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Health Professions, Business, Agriculture, Food Systems & Natural Resources, University Studies, Graduate School and Interdisciplinary Studies. The university has gained much accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission and along with that it has also earned many special accreditations for certain programs which includes American Dietetic Association/Council of Accreditation, Coordinated Program in Dietetics and Didactic program in Dietetics, National Architecture Accreditation Board, American College of Sports Medicine, Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology, American Council for Construction Education, Institute of Food Technology, Council for Interior Design Accreditation, Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board and much more.
The university provides both major and minor in Biotechnology. The undergraduate program teaches different areas of biotechnology such as technology used for animal and/or plant cells, biological molecules, molecular biology processes and genetic engineering for applications in medicine, agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry. The program requires the students to learn about science and mathematics and along with that, they will be introduced to the skill set that are required to enter the ever-evolving field of biotechnology.
Interior Design
The University offers an undergraduate degree in Interior Design which is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. The students are developed to learn the fundamentals of design, visual and technical communication techniques such as perspective drawing, drafting, model building, rendering, etc. Moreover, applications of theories in practical circumstances are an integral part of the program. Upon completion of the program, the students will be able to find ample opportunities to provide the residential, commercial and specialized design.
Minot State University
Located in the city of Minot in North Dakota, Minot State University is a four-year institution which is the third largest university in the state of North Dakota. Established in the year of 1913 as a two-year normal school which prepared the teachers for service in northwestern North Dakota. Later in the year of 1924, the school began providing baccalaureate degrees, and then in the year of 1987, it was transformed into a university. Currently, there are around 2000 undergraduate students and 1200 graduate students with more than 100 faculty members and administrative staff. The university is composed of four schools and colleges which includes College of Arts and Sciences that offers Art, Biology, Broadcasting, Foreign Language, Gender/Women's Studies, General Studies, Geoscience, Math & Computer Science, Music, Native American Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Science Education, Social Science Education, Sociology, Theater , College of Business provides Accounting & Finance, Business Information Technology, College of Education and Health Sciences provides Addiction Studies, Psychology & Social Work, Communication Disorders, Nursing, Special Education, Teacher Education & Human Performance and Graduate School provides Education, Special Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Management, Information Systems, Knowledge Management.
Over the years the university has been accredited by many prestigious institutions which have helped to increases its quality which has led to many students from different states in the United States and other countries to enroll themselves in the Minot State University. Some of the accreditations gained by the university are North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Council on Social Work Education–Baccalaureate level, International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc., National Association of School Psychologists and North Dakota Board of Nursing.
International Business
The university provides an undergraduate degree in International Business that develops the students to learn about different activities in the field of business which includes the international flow of goods, services, and information. It teaches the student about how a product or good in one country can be perceived differently in another country. How the Oreo is considered a delicacy in the US but when it goes to China, they prefer Green Tea Oreo. The program is designed in such a way that it teaches the students on how to implement international business plans and strategies, design the plans and mechanisms, conduct many research which helps to understand and prioritizes international business opportunities, apply international and domestic cross-cultural skills and competencies in segmenting and serving markets exhibiting different cultural characteristics and much more.
Multimedia Studies
The Minot State University provides Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Studies which consists of extensive media studies with practical hands-on experience. As a result, students of the program can plan, design and manage various media. The program focuses on five major courses Art - graphic design and photography, Communication - Broadcasting) English, Music, and Business. The classes are of typical sizes and the faculty members provide personal attention to their students. The College of Arts & Sciences regular hold events in art galleries and studios which enable the students to gain a deep and clear understanding of the program.
Bismarck State College
Located in the city of Bismarck in the state of North Dakota, the Bismarck State College is the third largest college in the North Dakota University system. The college was founded in the year of 1939 as a comprehensive community college which would provide two years and four- year degree programs. Currently, there are more than 3000 students enrolled in the college along with about 200 faculty members and 100 administrative staff. The college offers more than 20 bachelor degree programs along with 35 technical programs and 150 courses online. The Bismarck State College has various housing options for students where they can live in a closed group environment, communicate with the faculty more often, find more study time and participate in in different activities in the campus. Some of the notable alumni of the college are Alvin Jaeger, Brock Lesnar, Bob Stenehjem, Masai Ujiri, etc.
The state college was first accredited in the year of 1966 by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Later on, it has earned special accreditations for various programs.
Electronic Telecommunications Technology
The state college provides the practical degree in Electronics Telecommunications Technology which teaches the students about the basics of electronics analog and digital telecommunications, copper and fiber optic media, radio communications and digital electronics. The program is designed in such a way that the student will be able to complete the within four semesters and earn an Associate in Applied Science.
Instrumentation & Control Technology
The Bismarck State College provides both on- campus and online program in Instrumentation and Control Technology which consists of theory and hands-on training with state-of-the-art instruments, working processes, and computerized control systems. The program offers a deep understanding of various areas of the instrumentation and control, and teaches the student how to do these practically as well as theoretically. In-depth knowledge on various aspects of instrumentation and control tech are taught.
Dickinson State University
Located in the city of Dickinson in the state of North Dakota, the Dickinson State University is a four year public University and it is the part of North Dakota University system. Founded in the year of 1918, the Dickinson State University was first established as a school for qualified teachers in Western North Dakota with only one hundred and for students who attended the first classes in the school. The university strives to provide the best and high quality research learning and service to the students. Along with that University, also holds creative activities and events that promote innovation academic excellence and achievement. Currently, the University has more than thousand students enrolled in various programs, 63 faculty members and more than 200 administrative staff. University of offers more than 75 programs in 10 departments which include Agricultural and Technical Studies, Business and Management, Language and Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Nursing. The university also provides to graduate degrees in Masters of Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education graduate courses. The University do not discriminate based upon gender, religion, race, nationality, disability, and much more. The university has also earned many specialized accreditations which enable to provide the higher standards of education which includes The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and National Association of Schools of Music.
Some of the programs offered by the Dickinson State University are:
Agricultural Studies
The University offers Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Studies that develops the students to learn about the agricultural resource management in a broader global, socioeconomic context. The students will learn to integrate critical thinking skills, oral, written and graphical communication techniques. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to work in various workplaces which include agricultural production houses, business firms, and resource management.
Computer Science
The Dickinson State University offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science which enables the students to learn how to design, develop and analyze the software and hardware in order to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts. The program comprises of various fields of computer science such as computer theory, hardware systems, software systems, and scientific computing. Upon completion the students will be able to concentrate on further areas of computer science which includes Applied Mathematics, Digital Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Game Development, Software Systems and much more.


Scholarships in North Dakota

North Dakota Indian scholarship program
The scholarship is provided to those students who are a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe and along with their they are also a resident of the state of North Dakota be noted that the student must be enrolled in a college or university in North Dakota and along with that the student must have a Grade Point Average of above 2.00. The student must take part in various activities which includes education programs community service teaching assistance and much more.
Edward O. Nesheim Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship is provided to the students who are enrolled in any associate or bachelor degree program in any college or university in the state of North Dakota. It is important to know that the student must be a resident of the state of North Dakota and along with that here she must be a direct descendant of a veteran of United States. Along with dad student must have Secondary School GPA of more than 2.75.

Careers After Graduation in North Dakota

The largest industry in the state is agriculture and others include petroleum technology and food processing industries. Since the great recession ended, North Dakota has seen an increase in jobs and there has been about 2% increase in the employment rate. Over the past two to three years there has been over 25 available jobs in the state and most of the jobs are in the Agriculture and Technology industry. North Dakota is considered to be booming with jobs especially in Fargo which is considered to be the fastest growing city in the United States. According to the Fargo regional workforce study, there has been more than 7000 job openings in the year between the years 2015 and 2016 and it is predicted that over the next 7 to 8 years there will be more than 40,000 job openings in the state of North Dakota.
Software Developer
Software developing is one of the best jobs in the state of North Dakota where you will play an important role in designing and maintaining various software systems. These are some of the duties of a software developer:
• Creating various software applications
• Designing intricate software systems
• Producing and writing programming codes
• Preparing the user manual
• Maintaining the software systems
• Testing and repairing
To become a software developer, you will need to fulfil these requirements:
• Earn a bachelor degree in Software development or its equivalent
• Have a clear understanding of computer hardware and software
• Ability to write code in different programming languages
• Have hands-on experience in the laboratory
• Analyze and research on different software applications
• Have strong communication skills
• Ability to solve real-life problems
Business Management
If you have set your sights in becoming a business manager, you are in the right path. Business management provides with amazing work experience. Here are some of the responsibilities of a business management:
• Take care of the operations of a company or firm
• Perform various activities of various human resources
• Maintain the rules and regulations of the company
• Manage the production of the company
• Ability to lead a team
To become a business manager, you need to fulfil these requirements:
• Earn a bachelor degree in business management
• Develop strong communication skills
• Have a knack for problem-solving
• Develop both written and oral skills
Biotechnology includes study for various life forms and on how to utilize the molecular qualities in these life forms. Here are some of the duties of a biotechnologist:
• Investigating both plants and animals to molecular level
• Work in laboratories and pharmaceutical companies
• Conduct research and design projects
• Ability to use various biotech tools
• Participate in various project meetings
If you want to become a biotechnologist, you will need to fulfil these requirements:
• Earn a bachelor and Master’s degree in Biotechnology
• Become a licensed biotechnologist
• Have a deep understanding of genetics and DNA to create pharmaceutical drugs
• Work under an accomplished biotechnologist to gain experience
Interior Designer & Decorating
Interior designer have a very interesting job where they design and furnish homes, commercial building and much more. These are the responsibilities of an Interior Designer:
• Understand the requirements of the client
• Ability to draw and sketch
• Create a full-fledged timeline for particular project
• Ability to understand various furnishing accessories
• Placing order for different accessories
In order to become an Interior Designer, here are some of the requirements which are needed to be fulfilled:
• Earn a Bachelor degree in Interior Design
• Become a licensed Interior Designer
• Have a creative and artistic skills
• Develop communication skills
• Enhance problem solving skills