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North Dakota

North Dakota Colleges, Schools and Educational Institutions

Are you interested in going to a college or university in North Dakota? Are you familiar with the state of North Dakota but you don’t really know much about which colleges or universities are the best to attend? Or, perhaps you are somewhat familiar with the learning institutions in this state, but you aren’t very familiar with what is offered by each one. No matter what your situation is, below you will find a discussion of each of the top ranked schools in the state of North Dakota. Keep in mind, while these institutions have valid reasons for this high ranking, there are also many institutions throughout the state that are great places for you to attend to further your education. In relation to many other states, North Dakota has very few colleges and universities for students to choose from. There are 28 colleges and universities in North Dakota, with approximately 17 of them offering associate’s degree programs and 11 of them offer students bachelor’s degree programs. As you plot your educational path, you will want to begin by choosing a field of study to pursue and then choosing an institution that will fit your career and educational goals.

The University of North Dakota, which is located on the eastern side of the state in Grand Forks, is the oldest university in the state. At this institution you can pursue a graduate level degree or an undergraduate level degree in one of several colleges. For instance, you could choose to attend the college of business and public administration, the school of law, the school of aerospace sciences, and the college of arts and sciences, among others. Another great option for students is North Dakota State University, which is located in Fargo. This university was founded as an agricultural institution and still largely operates on this premise throughout the state. At this institution it is possible for students to pursue a graduate level degree or an undergraduate degree program.

Although it originated as a school for aspiring teachers, Minot State University now has four separate divisions: Education and Health Sciences, College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School. Along with its growth, this university has also received recognition as being one of the top learning institutions in the state of North Dakota. Or, maybe you will find that the University of Mary is a better fit for you and your educational aspirations. This not for profit, Roman Catholic university is located in the city of Bismarck. Among other choices you can pursue degree programs in one of several divisions: humanities, education, natural sciences, and mathematics. The fifth most common collegiate choice by students is Dickinson State University, which is located about an hour from Bismarck. Although this institution began as a normal school, it now is comprised of two major colleges: the college of education, business, and applied sciences and the college of arts and sciences. Keep in mind, there are additional choices that you may find to be a great fit for you!

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