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Mississippi Colleges and Schools

Have you finished high school and you now have your high school diploma? Do you live in Mississippi and you are trying to decide the best place to attend that will allow you to further your education? Were you completely overwhelmed because of the variety of choices just in this one state? That is actually understandable; Mississippi has 61 colleges and universities to choose from. However, some of these choices may not be practical for you due to their location and others may not offer degree programs in the specific area that you plan to pursue. It is important to note that in the state of Mississippi, many of the post-secondary schools are located in very rural areas. In addition, there are 19 campuses that offer undergraduate degree programs and 14 campuses that offer advanced level, graduate degrees. If you have already identified the field of study that you plan to pursue a degree in, then you are well on your way to beginning the next level of your education. Keep in mind, while Mississippi is one of the poorest states in our country, it is also one of the most affordable states to live in.

There are five prominent universities in Mississippi for you to consider that are sure to help you accomplish each of your academic goals. The first school you will want to consider is Mississippi State University, which is located in the rural town of Starkville. Although this university is primarily centered on its foundations in agriculture and mechanics, there are also many other academic areas that students can choose to pursue. For instance, you can work towards a degree program in areas such as art and design, education, architecture, arts and sciences, forest resources, and engineering. The second most popular academic choice in Mississippi is University of Southern Mississippi, which is located in Hattiesburg. At this learning institution you will be able to pursue an undergraduate degree program or a graduate degree program in almost any field of study that you wish.

Another viable choice for students in Mississippi is the University of Mississippi, which is commonly referred to as Ole Miss. This school is located in northern Mississippi, in the small town of Oxford. This university was established in 1848 and now offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs in areas such as pharmacology, nursing, law, engineering, accountancy, and more. The fourth most popular choice among Mississippi students is Jackson State University, which is a historically black college. This university, which began as the Natchez Seminary, is located in the city of Jackson and is definitely considered to be one of the top learning institutions in Mississippi. As a student at Jackson State University you will be able to choose to attend one of several specific colleges, such as education and human development, liberal arts, business, and public service. Lastly, you won’t want to forget Delta State University, which is located in Cleveland. At this university you will have four different colleges to choose from as you work on your degree program.

Mississippi Schools