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Missouri Colleges & Universities

Do you live in or near the gorgeous state of Missouri? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and are now looking to the near future as it relates to continuing your education? Even though you think you are familiar with what this state has to offer, do you feel like you are at a loss for what specific colleges and universities have to offer you? Or, maybe you have previously lived in another state and now you are interested in moving to Missouri to pursue your post-secondary education. No matter which of these situations you fit into, you will definitely want to keep reading to learn the most pertinent information about this state and to ensure that you are making a sound choice for your future. Of course, as with practically any state you will have the option of pursuing your education at a traditional four year institution, at a vocational or technical institute, at a community or junior college, or through a distance learning approach. In fact, in the state of Missouri there are 200 college and university campuses for you to choose from. However, you should be aware that only 74 of these will provide you the chance to pursue an undergraduate degree program and 49 of them will offer graduate level degree programs.

The University of Missouri at Columbia is the largest student populated university in the state of Missouri. Among other choices, students can elect to attend specific colleges and schools such as the School of Journalism, the College of Education, and the College of Business. As with many other institutions, you can choose to complete an undergraduate degree program as well as a graduate level program at this university. Missouri State University is another great option for students to consider. Located in Springfield, this university makes it possible for you to pursue an undergraduate or a graduate level degree program. In past years, this learning institution was known as the Southwest Missouri State University.

If neither of these schools appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider Webster University, which is located in a suburb of Saint Louis called Webster Groves. Although this school was previously categorized as a women’s college, it is now co-ed and offers students degree programs in many different academic areas. The University of Missouri at St. Louis is one of the newest campuses within the state of Missouri. This university is made up of many different colleges and schools such as the College of Optometry, the College of Nursing, the College of Fine Arts and Communications, the College of Arts and Sciences, or the College of Education. Lastly, the oldest university west of the Mississippi River is the Saint Louis University. This not for profit Jesuit university offers graduate and undergraduate level degrees for students to choose from

It is important to understand that each of these popular universities may have degree programs that will allow you to complete some requirements through an online format. In some cases this may be a fully online program, while for others it may be a more hybrid approach to your requirements.

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