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Minnesota Universities and Colleges

Have you finished the requirements that made it possible to earn your high school diploma? Do you live in Minnesota and you are trying to decide the best place to further your education? Were you completely overwhelmed because of the many, many choices just in this one state? That is actually understandable; Minnesota has two large university systems and within those two systems there are more than 140 colleges and universities to choose from. However, some of these choices may not be practical for you due to their location and others may not offer degree programs in the specific area that you plan to pursue. For instance, there are 58 campuses that offer bachelor’s degree programs and 37 that offer advanced level, graduate degrees. The good news is that if you have already identified the field of study that you plan to pursue a degree in, you have likely already made your decision much easier!

The University of Minnesota at Twin Cities is the largest university that the state of Minnesota has to offer. This university actually has the fourth largest student enrollment of any university in the United States. The degree programs and educational opportunities that you can pursue at this university are almost endless! Since this institution is so large, it will likely be in your best interest to have chosen an area of study before you begin your academic requirements at this school. The second most popular school in this state is Saint Cloud State University, which is located in St. Paul. At this institution you will have the chance to pursue an undergraduate degree program, a graduate level degree program, or a PhD program in any number of academic areas. For instance, you can work towards a degree in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities, the College of Business, the College of Education, or the College of Science and Engineering.

The third most popular academic choice for students in this state is the Minnesota State University at Mankato, which is in the central part of this state. At this institution you will be required to select a degree program from one of six major departments: engineering and technology, allied health and nursing, arts and humanities, business, education, science, and social and behavioral sciences. Or, perhaps you will be interested in the University of Saint Thomas, which has always operated as a Catholic Seminary. This learning institution provides students the choice to attend one of nine major colleges as they work towards their degree program of choice. Lastly, you will surely want to consider the University of Minnesota at Duluth in your academic possibilities. This university is located on Lake Superior and will make it possible for you to work on your educational degree in many different areas. For example, you can pursue a degree program in areas such as business and economics, liberal arts, fine arts, human service professions, or education. Of course, as previously mentioned you may also choose to attend another institution that is located in this great state.

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