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Maryland Colleges & Universities

Are you interested in attending college in the great state of Maryland? Have you completed your high school requirements and are now ready to begin applying to colleges and universities so that you can start working on your post-secondary career? Although the state of Maryland is one of the smallest in our country, this state offers 92 post-secondary learning institutions scattered throughout the state. As with practically any state, there are junior colleges, community colleges, vocational institutes, and traditional four year universities. In addition, recent technological advances may also make it possible for you to pursue at least a portion of your training in an online learning format. In fact, the University of Maryland operates a very large distance education program. However, it is important to note that not all of them offer all levels of degrees; 30 of them make it possible for you to earn an associate’s degree, 39 of them offer bachelor’s level degrees, and 35 of them make it possible to earn a master’s level degree. In a different path, if you would like to pursue a degree through a military type setting you can choose to attend the Naval Academy, which is located in Annapolis.

Maine has five large universities that you can choose from as you plot your educational path. First, you may want to consider the University of Maryland at College Park, which initially began as Maryland Agricultural College. This university offers 110 undergraduate programs and 100 graduate programs for you to choose from, which will make it possible for you to attend one of twelve different colleges. In addition, this university has received recognition for being one of the top twenty research universities in our country. Another school you will want to think about adding to your list of possibilities is the University of Maryland at University College, whose main campus is located in Adelphi. This university will give you the chance to pursue one of over 100 degree or certificate based programs at one of their 21 different campuses. In addition, this university has a very strong distance learning program.

Located in Baltimore, John Hopkins University is well known for its effective link of research and teaching. This university actually encompasses seven well recognized colleges that will make it possible for you to focus on practically any field of study. The fourth choice in Maine that you will want to think about attending is the Towson University. This university offers students over 100 degree programs to choose from at one of eight different colleges; the main campus is located just outside the city of Baltimore. The degree programs that are offered at this university will make it possible for you to pursue an undergraduate degree program, as well as a graduate level degree program. The final option that you will want to consider is the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. This honors university offers 40 undergraduate degree programs and 75 graduate level degrees in approximately eleven areas of study.

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