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Do you live in Massachusetts and you are ready to begin working on your post-secondary degree program so that you can prepare for your future career? Even though you are a resident of Massachusetts do you not feel like you are very well informed on the different educational choices that you have to choose from? Or, maybe you are new to this state and you are trying to do your homework regarding which collegiate path will fit you and your goals best? Maybe you are not a current resident of Massachusetts but you think that you would like to move to this state to attend college. Regardless of which of these scenarios best fits your situation, keep reading to learn the most important information about the university and college choices in this great state.

Boston, which serves as the capital of Massachusetts, has often been referred to as the higher education capital of the United States. This is largely due to the numerous prestigious and well-known institutions that are located in this state. Although the state of Massachusetts has 188 colleges and universities to offer prospective students, the area of Boston alone offers Harvard, Boston College, M.I.T., Northeastern University, and Boston University. Within these Boston campuses you will have the chance to experience a highly metropolitan area among notable health care centers, financial services centers, and biotechnology centers.

The first of these notable institutions is Boston University, which is a private, not for profit university. This university is the fourth largest in the nation and offers students more than 18 schools and colleges to choose from as they select a field of study. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, commonly referred to as UMass, is another great choice for prospective students. At this university you can choose to attend the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, the College of Engineering, the Isenberg School of Management, or the School of Education. Located in Cambridge, Harvard University is known worldwide as being one of the most prestigious learning institutions that a student can choose to attend. This Ivy League university is considered to be a private institution that operates under a not for profit business and educational approach. Within Harvard University you can choose to attend the School of Law, the School of Engineering, the Divinity School, or the School of Business.

Another viable education option that you will surely want to add to your list is the Northeastern University, which is located in the heart of Boston. Since its origin in 1898, this university has become recognized as one of Massachusetts’s top educational choices. This private institution offers students the chance to attend the College of Health Sciences, the College of Criminal Justice, the School of Law, the College of Business Administration, or the College of Arts and Sciences. Boston College is the fifth largest university in Massachusetts. This university, which is located in the area of Chestnut Hill, consists of the School of Education, the Law School, the School of Management, and the School of Arts and Sciences, among other choices.

Massachusetts Schools