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Are you interested in joining the masses and moving to Louisiana to attend college? Or, maybe you are already among the lively residents of Louisiana and you are interested in what the post-secondary schools in this state have to offer you? In recent years, the state of Louisiana has been recognized as being the 25th most populous state within the United States. This southern state boasts numerous collegiate choices for students who are pursuing practically any course of study. One thing that makes Louisiana unique from other states is the fact that it is politically subdivided into parishes, instead of counties. Baton Rouge serves as this state’s capital, while New Orleans is the state’s largest city. Ironically, much of the state of Louisiana was formed when large deposits of sediment washed down the Mississippi River, creating vast deltas, swamps, and marshes. In addition, some places in Louisiana have a very obvious multilingual and multicultural heritage, which over the years have been influenced by African, French, Spanish, and Native American cultures.

The state of Louisiana proudly contributes two universities that are ranked among the nation’s top 130 universities, along with numerous highly ranked public and private universities. Tulane University is a private, research based university that offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. Within the Tulane system you can choose to attend one of ten colleges, such as: public health, social work, architecture, liberal arts, law, business, medicine, engineering, and science. Currently, Tulane University is ranked number 50 among the top college choices in the nation.

Louisiana State University, which is located in Baton Rouge, is another great choice of schools to add to your list of possibilities. This university, which was founded in 1860, serves as Louisiana’s flagship university. Ranked number 128 for top schools to attend in the nation, Louisiana State University offers undergraduate students and graduate students degree programs in 17 colleges and schools. The possibility for specific degree programs to study within these colleges is almost endless! If neither of these two universities appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider Loyola University New Orleans. This private, Jesuit university offers undergraduate students 21 fields of study to choose from, while graduate level students have seven fields to select from. Within the structure of Loyola University there are five colleges to help you meet all of your academic needs: social sciences, music and fine arts, law, business, and humanities and natural sciences. This distinguished university is ranked as number 6 among top southern universities to attend in order to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s level degree.

In addition to these top ranking campus based programs, Louisiana offers many smaller universities, junior colleges, community colleges, and vocational institutes. As with most other states, you will likely also have the opportunity to complete the degree program of your choice through an online learning format. Some campus based programs in Louisiana may also give you the chance to complete a hybrid type program, with some requirements completed on campus and some requirements completed online.