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Do you live in Kentucky? Are you ready to begin planning the next educational phase of your life? Are you not sure which college or university that you want to attend? Are you trying to do your homework so that you can hopefully make the best possible decision about your future? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should definitely keep reading so that you can learn everything you need to know about what Kentucky may have to offer you in your educational pursuits. Kentucky, which is known as the Bluegrass State, is located in the Upper South region of the United States and is bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In the state of Kentucky you will have the chance to experience a diverse environment and abundant resources, all amid an almost ideal climate. In addition, you can spend your spare time enjoying attractions like the Mammoth Cave National Park, deer, turkey, or elk hunting, college basketball teams, and horse racing.

Kentucky has five learning institutions that are all located near major urban areas, which makes it possible for you to experience all that Kentucky has to offer you while you work on completing your degree program. The first school you will likely want to consider is the University of Kentucky, which is located in Lexington. This university offers students over 200 major areas to choose from, primarily in areas of undergraduate degree programs. While on this campus you will have the chance to use one of their fifteen libraries, which include a federal depository that contains humanities, social sciences, and life sciences collections. Or, perhaps the University of Louisville will be a better fit for you. At this university you can pursue one of 170 undergraduate degree programs and continue your studies until you have earned your graduate level degree or a professional diploma.

Western Kentucky University, which is located in Bowling Green, is another great option for students. Due to the location not far from Nashville, Tennessee, this university is often a great fit for students from this neighboring state, also. This beautiful campus is well-known for its conducted research in the areas of engineering and science. At this time you can choose from one of 88 fields of study as you work to complete your degree program. The Eastern Kentucky University is considered to be a large scale research university, but you will actually have the chance to experience smaller class sizes at this institution. At their Richmond campus you will have the chance to pursue one of the 168 undergraduate degree programs. Whether you are a traditional college student or a nontraditional college student, you will have the opportunity to attend one of their five colleges: College of Business and Technology, College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health Sciences, and College of Justice and Safety. Although the Northern Kentucky University is located within the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area it is a great choice for students who want to attend college in a metropolitan area.


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Choosing a college can be a daunting task. A lot of factors come into play when choosing which college to go to for your higher education. Considering so many factors for each college can be unbelievably complicated, which makes your process of choosing a college even more so. A great way of significantly reducing the strain of choosing a college is to choose a state first. This narrows the field down to a select few colleges, making it much easier for you to find the one right for you. Moreover, you can focus on the different atmospheres and environments of different states, and choose one which suits you best. One state you should give serious thought to is Kentucky. It is situated in the southeast of the United States and is the 26th most populous state in the country. It has typically mild and moderate weather throughout the year. Moreover, it is known for its infamous “bluegrass”, which is always a sight to behold.
In addition to the weather and sights, Kentucky also has several top-class universities, which are renowned both nationally and internationally. Any one of these universities can be the one which you are looking for. These universities have different curriculums, tuition fees, and offer a wide variety of degree programs. To help you find the one perfect for you, we have devised a list comprising of some of the best universities Kentucky has to offer:
Berea College
This historic college, founded in 1855, was the first in Kentucky – and all of the South – to host a coeducational and interracial student population. It harbors an innovative labor program designed to eliminate tuition costs and prides itself on the number of students graduating with little to no student debt. This university offers more than 32 programs in the arts and sciences. There are also 15 teacher training programs and a dual-degree engineering program in collaboration with the University of Kentucky. This university takes pride in its highly accomplished alumni, which includes a Nobel laureate, a former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, and the inventor of the touch-screen technology.
Some degree programs offered by Berea College include:
This program is designed to provide students with inclusive educational opportunities in order for them to develop competencies necessary for making significant contributions to the different fields of business and economics. It helps students develop skills in critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving.
This program is well-known for its strong courses and caring faculty. Students participate in a variety of research and internship programs every year. They also get to learn from lectures given by outside speakers and from mathematical conferences.
University of Kentucky
A public institution, the University of Kentucky (UKY) has been offering a world-class education to students for more than 150 years. Students can choose from over 200 programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees, across 17 academic areas.
Undergraduate students get the option to design their own curriculum or develop an independent study plan. The university campus includes a research facility and medical center and offers students plenty of recreational activities. UKY is home to 12 Truman scholars.
Some degree programs offered by UKY include:
This degree prepares students for a wide range of professional opportunities, such as analyzing key financial data and providing companies with the insight they need to make decisions and formulate a strategy. Graduates can pursue careers in public and private accounting, businesses and industries, universities, and the government.
This program consists of an intensive program of architecture studios and courses related to the history and theory of architecture, building and digital technology, and professional practice. It qualifies students to pursue careers in architectural offices, building construction, development, and public agencies.
University of Louisville
The University of Louisville joined Kentucky’s university system in 1970 as a public research institution supported by the state. It has a 287-acre campus which houses seven buildings, including its own Health Sciences Center and university hospital. It has a student body of more than 22,000. Students are offered more than 170 programs for undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and professional degrees across 12 schools and colleges. Moreover, students can also study for online and certificate programs. In addition to the different academic programs, students can also get affiliated with almost 400 student clubs and organizations, which include Greek life, intramural sports, and LGBT groups.
Degrees offered by the University of Louisville include:
This degree is designed to provide students with a thorough education grounded in the traditional basic sciences and mathematics topics. It also focuses on chemistry, biology, and physiology, and offers students the chance to get the first-hand experience within the bioengineering or biomedical industry.
Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Students develop a strong foundation in the principles of science and engineering, along with a background in the arts, social sciences, and humanities. They also work in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and spend three semesters on-the-job, learning through the Cooperative Education Program and gaining hands-on experience.
Centre College
Centre College is one of the smallest universities in Kentucky, with a student body of only 1,400. It is an independent liberal arts college and was established in 1819. This institution was recognized nationally in 2000 as the smallest institution to host a general election debate. This university offers students more than 40 degree programs, in subjects ranging from anthropology to religion. It has a selective admissions policy, which allows them to keep a low student to faculty ratio. This, in turn, allows the professors to give their students personalized attention for their courses. The professors are all highly accomplished, with around 98% of them being Ph.D. holders in their areas of expertise.
Some degree programs offered by Centre College include:
Environmental Studies
This program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the ways by which humans influence, and are influenced by, their non-human surroundings. It teaches students to learn to live equitably and sustainably on the earth. It explores interdisciplinary approaches to environmental issues, and helps students to focus on a particular area, or track, in the Sciences, Social Studies, or Humanities.
This degree explores everything from sub-atomic particles to the origin and the structure of the universe. It uses the language of mathematics to discover, describe, and apply the fundamental laws of nature. Students are given lectures on mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, modern and quantum physics, computer interfacing, experimental physics, and digital electronics. In addition, students conduct scientific experiments and participate in collaborative research with their professors.
Murray State University
Murray State University is renowned for its industrial and agricultural programming. It is one of the best universities in Kentucky and has a student body of more than 11,000. The campus houses more than 60 buildings, including an agriculture exposition center, a rodeo barn, and an animal health technology center, in addition to other facilities dedicated to providing training in agriculture and experiential farming. Students can choose from over 118 programs, including the likes of telecommunications and criminal justice. About 40% of Murray State students participate in co-op and internships to supplement their academic programs. Every class has 19 students on average, allowing the faculty to provide personalized attention to each and every student.
Some other degree programs include:
This program is designed to help students develop problem-solving skills, and come up with creative solutions to marketing problems that arise between the production of goods and services, and their final use. This degree allows students to pursue careers in a wide range of fields including retailing, advertising, and sales management.
This program teaches students to learn to care for patients and adapt to the continuously changing healthcare system. Graduates go on to pursue careers in a variety of nursing-related fields, as well as enrolling in graduate programs to further enhance their education.
Simmons College of Kentucky
This historical college was established after the Civil War by the Colored Baptist Churches Convention and was the first college in Kentucky for black citizens. It was opened in 1879 and has since expanded and secured accreditation. This institution boasts a comprehensive student advising and a Learning Center which provides academic enrichment on campus. In addition to academic performances, this university is also renowned for its achievements in sports, especially through its nationally renowned men’s and women’s basketball teams.
Some degree programs offered by Simmons College of Kentucky are:
This program places a critical emphasis on understanding the rising gap between the social disparities affecting the majority-race and the minorities. It helps students to think critically and imaginatively about society and social issues and develop a commitment to social justice based on an awareness of social inequality and an appreciation of diversity.

Available College Scholarships in Kentucky

All of these universities offer various scholarships to students in order to help them complete their higher education having to spend fewer thoughts on the finances. Some of these scholarships include:
Simmons Scholars
This scholarship is provided by Simmons College of Kentucky to students from undeserved communities and provides total financial support. Scholars receive books, meals, supplies, tutoring, dormitory accommodations, professional mentors, leadership training, and potential access to summer employment.
In order to be eligible, full-time students must be 18 – 25 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and commit to participate in community service program.
Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES)
This scholarship is applicable for residents of Kentucky, and recipients are awarded funds for each year of high school in which the GPA is 2.5 or above. In addition, bonus awards, worth up to $500 per year, are also awarded based on ACT scores.
General Merit Scholarships
This renewable, four-year scholarship is provided by Centre College. The scholarship decisions are based on a comprehensive review of each application.
• Faculty Scholarship: $24,000
• Colonel Scholarship: $22,000
• Founders Scholarship: $20,000
• Centre Award: $16,000
• Alumni Award: $5,000
National Scholars
This scholarship is awarded by the University of Louisville. It is a bit different from other scholarships, as it does not have a minimum GPA requirement. However, recipients must be making satisfactory progress in their academic programs in order to be eligible.
University of Louisville Trustees and Porter
This renewable scholarship needs the recipient to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. It waivers tuition costs and can waiver as much as the full costs of tuition.
Academic Scholarship
Offered to incoming freshmen by the University of Kentucky, this scholarship is awarded based on academic credentials on file in the Admission records.
Presidential Scholarship
Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and have a minimum 31 ACT or 1420 SAT score in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

Top Careers in Kentucky

Another great reason to go to Kentucky for college is that there are a lot of career opportunities available here. Students can get part-time jobs while completing their degree programs, and find full-time jobs as soon as they complete their graduation. Some possible career opportunities include:
Economists apply their expertise on the subject to issues within a wide range of fields, including health, education, development, and the environment. This position is perfect for those who have completed their higher education in Economics, and love to work with Economics related problems. The duties of an Economist include:
• Reviewing and assisting in the preparation of analytical reports, working papers, articles in journals, and presentations at conferences and other professional meetings
• Responding to questions from, and providing assistance to, the internal and external data user community
• Coordinating a program of research for experts in the subject matter using household and economic survey data
• Setting priorities, developing schedules, and achieving timely objectives for projects
• Conducting surveys and collecting data
• Interpreting and forecasting market trends
The requirements for this career option are:
• A degree in Economics
• Experience in:
o Individual economic research assignments
o Project coordination assignments
o Evaluation and interpretation of economic information
o Personal research on economics related fields
This position has been highly available in recent times, with almost 13% employment in Kentucky being Economists in May 2016.
Accounting Careers
This career is for those who have graduated in Accounting. The duties include:
• Making preparation of assets, liabilities, and capital account entries by collecting and reviewing account information
• Making documents of financial transactions
• Making recommendations of financial actions
• Making summaries of financial status by collecting information, organizing balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other necessary reports
• Maintenance of account controls by preparing and recommending procedures
• Ensuring safety and security of financial information by making database backups
The basic requirements for this career option include:
• A degree in Accounting, or other related fields like Business Administration and Finance
• Experience in handling financial data
• Strong communicational and organizational skills
• Proficient computer skills
This career option is also a popular one, with more than 10,000 employments being made in May 2016.
Architect and Engineering
If you love drawing and designing, then this career option is perfect for you. The basic duties of an architect include:
• Creating detailed designs and drawings both by hand and CAD applications
• Working around constraining factors such as environmental impact, town planning legislation, and project budget
• Writing and presenting reports, proposals, applications, and contracts
• Traveling regularly to construction sites, proposed locations, and client meetings
The general requirements for this position are:
• Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
• Strong technical skills
• Strong communicational skills
In May 2016, more than 1,500 positions were available in this field.
Computer Engineer - IT Professionals
This career option also requires an engineering degree. The basic duties include:
• Developing, testing, and evaluating software
• Developing computer games
• Developing business applications
• Participating in designing entirely new operating systems
• Constructing and managing an organization’s computer system
• Providing technical support
The basic requirements for this option include:
• A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
• Strong programming skills in a variety of programming languages
• Internship experience
• Proficient organizational skills
• Strong communicational skills
This career path is very popular in the modern world. It had a median salary of more than $70,000 in May 2016.
Environmental Engineer
This option is perfect for those who love to work with, and for, the environment. The duties include:
• Preparing, reviewing, and updating environmental investigation reports
• Providing technical support for environmental remediation projects and legal actions
• Monitoring the progress of environmental improvement programs
• Making inspections of industrial and municipal facilities and programs in order to ensure their compliance with environmental regulations
The requirements for this career option are:
• A bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering or other equivalent related fields
• Strong leadership, communicational and organizational skills
• Previous experience in Environmental Engineering or other related fields
In May 2016, 400 Environmental Engineers were employed by various organizations and industries in Kentucky.
Registered Nurse - RN or LPN
This career option if best suited for those who find joy in helping patients recover. Registered Nurses are required to:
• Work with a wide variety of patients
• Observe and record patient behavior
• Consult with physicians and other healthcare professionals
• Establish treatment plans
• Operate medical equipment
• Perform diagnostic tests
• Treat medical emergencies such as heart attacks, car accidents, and strokes
• Administer medication and treatments
The qualifications for this position include:
• Degree in Nursing or other related fields
• Previous experience in nursing
• Strong knowledge of major health behavior
• Strong organizational skills
• Strong communicational skills, both written and oral
• Strong leadership skills
In May 2016, more than 4% of all employments made in Kentucky were registered nurses.
Marketing Analyst
This option requires candidates to have completed their higher education in a business or marketing background. The basic duties include:
• Study and evaluation of market trends
• Collecting consumer information and inspecting buying trends to create marketing plans
• Designing surveys to identify customer preferences
• Using data collected from the survey to prepare reports
• Advising on the most beneficial design, distribution, and promotion of products in order to maximize profit
The requirements for this career path are:
• Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or other related fields
• Proficient computer skills
• Strong knowledge of various techniques of market research
• Strong analytical skills
• Strong critical thinking skill
• Good communication skills, both written and oral
• Strong leadership skills
There were almost 1,500 employments from Marketing in May 2016.
All in all, choosing to go to college in Kentucky is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. The weather, environment and the overall atmosphere is excellent and highly enjoyable. There are numerous world-class educational institutions you can go to, and all of them provide education of the highest quality. In addition, there are plenty of research opportunities, which will strongly supplement your education. Furthermore, you can avail a number of scholarships in these universities, which will make your education experience much more enjoyable and less stressful. Moreover, you can find lots of career opportunities in this state, making it possible for you to get a job right after finishing graduation. All these factors combined makes Kentucky one of the best places you can go to for your higher education.