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Kentucky Colleges and Universities

Do you live in Kentucky? Are you ready to begin planning the next educational phase of your life? Are you not sure which college or university that you want to attend? Are you trying to do your homework so that you can hopefully make the best possible decision about your future? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should definitely keep reading so that you can learn everything you need to know about what Kentucky may have to offer you in your educational pursuits. Kentucky, which is known as the Bluegrass State, is located in the Upper South region of the United States and is bordered by Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In the state of Kentucky you will have the chance to experience a diverse environment and abundant resources, all amid an almost ideal climate. In addition, you can spend your spare time enjoying attractions like the Mammoth Cave National Park, deer, turkey, or elk hunting, college basketball teams, and horse racing.

Kentucky has five learning institutions that are all located near major urban areas, which makes it possible for you to experience all that Kentucky has to offer you while you work on completing your degree program. The first school you will likely want to consider is the University of Kentucky, which is located in Lexington. This university offers students over 200 major areas to choose from, primarily in areas of undergraduate degree programs. While on this campus you will have the chance to use one of their fifteen libraries, which include a federal depository that contains humanities, social sciences, and life sciences collections. Or, perhaps the University of Louisville will be a better fit for you. At this university you can pursue one of 170 undergraduate degree programs and continue your studies until you have earned your graduate level degree or a professional diploma.

Western Kentucky University, which is located in Bowling Green, is another great option for students. Due to the location not far from Nashville, Tennessee, this university is often a great fit for students from this neighboring state, also. This beautiful campus is well-known for its conducted research in the areas of engineering and science. At this time you can choose from one of 88 fields of study as you work to complete your degree program. The Eastern Kentucky University is considered to be a large scale research university, but you will actually have the chance to experience smaller class sizes at this institution. At their Richmond campus you will have the chance to pursue one of the 168 undergraduate degree programs. Whether you are a traditional college student or a nontraditional college student, you will have the opportunity to attend one of their five colleges: College of Business and Technology, College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health Sciences, and College of Justice and Safety. Although the Northern Kentucky University is located within the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area it is a great choice for students who want to attend college in a metropolitan area.

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