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Online Colleges in Kansas

Find Online Colleges in Kansas

Do you live in Kansas and you are ready to begin working on your post-secondary degree program so that you can prepare for your future career? Even though you are a resident of Kansas do you not feel like you are very well informed on the different educational choices that you have to choose from? Or, maybe you are new to this state and you are trying to do your homework regarding which collegiate path will fit you and your goals best? Lastly, maybe you are not a current resident of Kansas but you think that you would like to move to this state to attend college. Regardless of which of these scenarios best fits your situation, keep reading to learn the most pertinent information about collegiate choices in this great state.

Kansas is a Midwestern state that is known for being one of the most productive agricultural states in the United States. Throughout this state you will find large areas of sunflowers, wheat, and sorghum. Kansas is known for being the 33rd most populous state and the 15th most extensive in our country. This state is bordered by Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. As you visit the many national parks and historic sites you can expect to experience one of three types of climates that are found in the state of Kansas: humid subtropical, humid continental and semi-arid steppe.

As you begin working towards choosing a post-secondary school that suits your needs, Kansas definitely has lots to offer. Some of the most popular colleges and universities in the Midwest are located in Kansas, as well as several smaller, liberal arts colleges. Therefore, if you are looking for a larger university or if a smaller college is more your speed, Kansas has something that is sure to meet your educational goals. For instance, Sterling College is a small liberal arts college that offers students the chance to pursue an educational degree program while following their Christian faith. Along with having athletic teams for you to participate in, you can also obtain your degree in one of 15 academic departments. Another school you will definitely want to add to your list is McPherson College, which is a four year liberal arts college. This learning institution, which offers degrees in 18 different major areas, focuses their instructional approaches to include real world experiences as their students learn about their chosen field of study.

Bethany College, which is located in Lindsborg, offers an educational program that is strongly tied to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Although this learning institution’s most popular areas of study are education, art, social work, and criminal justice, the college as a whole functions under the premise of delivering instruction that educates and challenges students while helping them to lead lives of learning, faith, and service. Of course, if none of these learning institutions appeal to you or seem to fit your educational path, you can always choose to pursue your degree program through an online learning format.

Kansas is a state in the United States and is located in the Midwestern United States. Even though Topeka is its capital, Wichita is its largest city. The name Kansas originated from a native tribe that inhabited that area. The name for this tribe was “kka: ze” which meant “people of the south wind”. Kansas is the 15th largest state by area since it covers an area of 82,278 square miles. It is also the 34th most populated state with a total of 2,911,641 residents. Kansas is located equidistant from the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans and is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south and Colorado on the west. English is the state language in Kansas followed by Spanish.

Accredited Colleges in Kansas

The following is a list of colleges and universities in the U.S. state of Kansas and some of the major degree programs offered by each;
Emporia State University (ESU)
Emporia State University is a public university located in Emporia, Kansas, United States. This is the third oldest public university in the state of Kansas. There are over 80 degree courses that this university offers but under four different schools; school of business, college of liberal arts and sciences, school of library and information management and the teachers college. Some of the major courses offered there include the following;
• Accounting
This is a program that covers all the sectors of business management and hence makes the candidate a complete business person who can qualify for any business management position. This is because it gives the student skills for all business sectors. When the student is done with this program, they are awarded the certified accountant certificate.
• Computer science
Computer scientists are people who are society problem solvers in the modern world. They develop computer implementations to assist scientist, businesses or governments. For those who are passionate about computers, this is the perfect match for you.
• Education leadership
In this program, the student is taught on the roles of leadership and the skills that one must possess to be a leader. On completion of this course, the student is required to pursue the licensure as school administrators. This program is who students who want to become future leaders or managers. This is a perfect fit for them.
• Marketing
Marketing is the process that involves the design, pricing and distribution of goods and services to clients through the study of marketing, the student covers consumer behavior, retail and business site selection, store layout, distribution, promotion of new and existing products and services in the market. Furthermore, the student learns on the impact of foreign cultures on marketing systems, budgetary issues, market information gathering, and sales force management.
• Teaching
This is a major program in the Emporia state university. Through this program, the students will learn on how to teach others and also gain some communication skills. When the program is done, the student is awarded with the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT).
Fort Hays State University(FHSU)
Fort Hays State University is a public university located in Hays, Kansas, United States. It’s the third largest university among the six that are governed by Kansas Board of Regents and has a total of approximately 11,200 students (4000 undergraduates, 1,200 graduates and 6000 online students). The main campus covers an area of about 200 acres. The University comprises of four colleges; Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology and the Health and Life Sciences. Put together, they make a total of 30 departments and offer more than 60 academic majors for undergraduates and 19 for graduate students. In this regard, some of the major courses include the following;
• Chemistry
For students who are passionate about sciences a career in chemistry provides ample opportunities for the students to make innovative and positive differences in the science field. Under the chemistry department, a student who decides to take this course must end up majoring one of the following areas; biochemistry, chemistry or pre-medicine. Chemists fill a variety of roles in the society and contribute widely to economic development.
• Computer Science
This course is particularly for students who are passionate about computers. The program aids in creating computer scientists who will be problem solvers in the society and help in developing computer implementations that that be used by scientists, businessmen, the government and the army. Through the innovative and creativity skills, the computer scientists can help to widely change the world in a diverse number of ways.
• Economics
In definitive terms, economics is a social science concerned with the behavior of consumers and producers as well as the operation and evaluation of economic systems. Economists therefore analyze topics like consumer demand, spending and savings, producer’s decisions on quality output and pricing level. This program is designed for students who want to major into the business sector that controls the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).
• History
This degree program is specifically designed for students who want to major on past events hence get to know their background/roots better. However this program focuses on the U.S. history, European, local and community history.
• Communication Sciences and Disorders
This program trains students on how to communicate with physically impaired people by applying their scientific and behavioral knowledge and clinical skills. The students of communication sciences and disorders normally tend to pursue careers as audiologists or speech-language pathologists. This course is society friendly since it with aid all people to understand one another especially the physically impaired people whom many find it hard to understand them.
Kansas State University
Kansas state university is a public doctoral university located in Manhattan, Kansas, United States. The university has been classified as a research university with the highest research activity. The main campus covers an area of 668 acres. In the academic sector, the university has always been ranked first nationally among public universities in its total of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater and Udall scholars with 124 recipients. Kansas state university has 65 academic departments in nine colleges, the graduate school offers 65 masters degree programs and nearly 50 doctoral programs. Some of the major courses in this university include the following;
• Biological Sciences
This program is aimed at bringing up great biological scientists who can work in any lab and can create their own medical formula. Biological scientists are normally employed as technicians in research laboratories involved in basic biological research or applied research. These people create change in the society by coming up with new medical methods and procedures that can be helpful to the society and the economy at large.
• Biomedical engineering
This is a school of medicine program that is made up of a unique combination of engineering, ergonomics, anatomy and physiology, biology and chemistry and communication. This is a complex course but still one of the most marketable courses for any scholar. Currently, there are three concentrations in this program; biodevices and instrumentation, bioenergy and life span engineering.
• Counseling
Counselors are people who help other people in developing cognitive, emotional and behavioral strengths. The Kansas state university ensures that the school’s counselors have developed and managed a comprehensive counseling program that will ensure all the students are actively involved in the processes and provide individual and small group counseling and classroom guidance, all this is to ensure the success of the student in the counseling career.
• Dental hygiene
Dental hygienists provide dental care to their clients in a variety of health care settings; this is their role as preventative dental health educator and expert clinician. Dental hygiene care tends to emphasize on the patient’s needs and treatment plans based on the individual’s specification, this is the major role or dental hygiene.
• Forensic Science
For students who have a strong understanding of the physical, biological and chemical sciences, forensic science will be a perfect choice. In this case the student is basically taught on how to observe and analyze a criminal activity hence gauge the motivation and apply broad criminology knowledge and theory in order to fully understand the case. Basic investigatory skills are also taught in this class.
Pittsburg State University (PSU)
Pittsburg state university is a public university located in Pittsburg, Kansas, United States. The approximate number of students in this university is 7,479 (6,000 undergraduates and 1,400 graduate students). Most of the students in this university live within the Pittsburg region. PSU is ranked number 84 among the best universities within Midwestern universities in the master’s category. The average grade point to be admitted to this university as a freshman is 3.30. The university offers over 80 undergraduate courses all evenly distributed among the four schools that the university has. Some of the major degree programs offered here includes the following;
• Accounting
An accountant is a person who performs a number of tasks including measuring costs, performing analysis, preparing budgets, combining results with planned outcomes, conducting internal audits as well as business and tax planning. These are some of the major components of business management and planning. Accountants are also involved in making budgets and plans that can be used in all government agencies. This course is made particularly for students who are interested in managing and planning business organization programs hence leading the enterprises to success and maximum profit.
• Counseling
Counselors are people who help clients to client to develop cognitive and emotional strengths in their behavior. The Pittsburg State University makes sure that there is one to one communication and teacher-student relationship and discussion to ensure that all students get to understand the subject and hence creating reliable counselors in the society.
• Economics
This is a social science which is concerned with the economic behavior of consumers and suppliers based on the producer’s products and services as well as the observation and evaluation of economic operations in the state. Economics therefore are involved I the study of consumer, supplier and producer relationships and how they all affect the economy. He/she also is concerned with ways to improve the state's economic state. Economics helps to analyze and evaluate on producers decisions on outputs, quality and pricing regarding the output’s quality.
• Graphic Design
This course is concerned with the overall outlook of a product and the environments at large and hence determines how the appearance of a product will affect the society. This program prepares students for the competitive, client-based work in an ever-changing visual and virtual environment. The students here are trained and improve their skills in professional landscape advertising, branding and visual communications through the use of computer and artistic graphics and through coming up with new designs for a product or service.
Wichita State University (WSU)
Wichita state university is a public university located in Wichita, Kansas, United States. This is the third largest university that is governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. WSU offers over 60 undergraduate degree programs in more than 200 areas of study in six different colleges. It also offers 44 graduate courses in the graduate schools. This University is ranked 52nd in the United States according to the rankings done by Social mobility index college rankings. To be admitted to this institution, the student must have attained a 3.35 GPA in high school. The conditions are that one must live in the premises of the university and must have a meal plan. Some of the major degree programs offered by the university include the following;
• Audiology
This is a program in the department of communication sciences and disorders. Academic and clinical education is offered to students who are willing to work as audiologists in clinics and hospitals. In order to practice as an audiologist, a graduate program in a professional doctoral degree is required.
• Marketing
This program involves teaching and training students on how to design, price, promote and distribute goods and services to consumers. The study of marketing comprises of consumer behavior, retail business site selection, store layout, distribution and promotion of goods and services.

Scholarships in the state of Kansas

Scholarships in the state of Kansas are prevalent. Both the private and state-sponsored scholarships are present here. Tuition funds are also available for those showing economic needs and for those who qualify for the merit-based funding. Some of the scholarships available include the following;
Nolan Moore Memorial Education Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship is focused on students who are going to pursue a career in printing technology or printing management. $ 180,000 is the approximate number of funds that has already been awarded this scholarship ever since its conception. These students have all come from the Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. The scholarship ranges from $500 for first-year students and $2500 for seniors and is based on the student’s academic and the non-academic accomplishments.
AOTF Kansas Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to occupation therapy students and one occupational therapy assistant student within the state of Kansas. The applicants must have been enrolled and completed at least one year in the occupation therapy course In an AOTF accredited therapy program.
Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
This scholarship program was designed with the intention of drawing more students into the nursing programs by Kansans who are committed to practicing as an LPN or RN in Kansas. The applicants sign a promissory note to study in nursing at a specific facility one year for each year of the scholarship support. The sponsor provides partial scholarship funding and employment opportunities for students who get the license after completing the course in the specified medical facility.


Top Career for Kansas Graduates

There are many sorts of careers in the state of Kansas; it only depends on where your passion lies and what your skills can offer the community. The most common careers in this state include the following;
Retail Management
A cashier is a person who processes payments from customers purchasing goods and services. The duties of a cashier include greeting customers, scanning or registering customers purchases, bag or wrap customers purchases and to process returns and exchange for merchandise. For those who are intending to become cashiers, the person should hold a high school diploma and must have simple mathematical knowledge since they’ll have to make a change and count the money in their registers. The training happens on-job for a few weeks until the newbie has been fully oriented into the job by experienced cashiers in that enterprise or organization. The most important qualities that one must possess to become a cashier include communication skills, customer service skills, integrity, patience and physical stamina. The mid-wage salary for a cashier in Kansas is $9.28. However, the employment growth of cashiers is prospected to decrease due to advancements in technology such as self-checkout stands in retail stores and increasing online sales.
Accounting CPA
Accountants are people who prepare and examine financial records. They ensure that the financial records are accurate and they are recorded and filed on time. They study financial operations to ensure that organizations run efficiently. They are also involved in decision-making procedures in organizations and help to come up with new ways that can be used in reducing costs, enhancing revenues and therefore improve the total profits. To make it as an accountant, one must have a degree in accounting or a related field. Certification within a specified field of accounting aids in improving job prospects, for example, the CPA sector. The most important skills that one must possess to be a successful accountant include; analytical skills, communication skills, detail oriented, math skills and the organizational skills. The median annual wage of an accountant is $65,940 in the state of Kansas. Employment of accountants is prospected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. Globalization, a growing overall economy and an increasingly complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to lead to a strong demand for accountants in the future.
Architect & Engineering
The work of an architect is to design and plan structures such as houses, schools, offices, factories, office buildings and conference halls. Their duties include meeting with clients to determine the objectives and the requirements of the structures, prepare structure specifications, give estimates on the total cost and construction time and to prepare scaled drawings either via a computer or by hand about the structure at hand. There are three main steps to becoming an architect; completing a professional degree in architecture, getting relevant experience through internships and finally through passing the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE). The main education requirement is the five-year degree program on architecture. Most architects hold this degree. There should be a three-year experience before one can be fully recognized as an architect and this is through internships in architectural firms. To become an architect, one must possess the following qualities; analytical skills, communication skills, creativity, organizational skills, technical and visual skills. The median annual salary for an architect is $74,520 in the state of Kansas. The employment for architects is expected to grow over the years at a 7% rate, almost as fast as the average for all other occupations within the state. However, competition among architects is prospected to grow due to the high number of graduates each year.
Dentists & Dental Assistants
A dentist is a person who is certified to diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth and gums and other parts of the mouth. They are also involved in guiding and giving advice to a patient on how to take care of their teeth and diets that can aid make the teeth stronger and healthier. The duties of a dentist include removing decay from teeth and filling in cavities, repairing cracked teeth, removing infected and decayed teeth and finally place sealants or whitening agents on teeth. All dental schools require their applicants to have some science courses such as biology and chemistry before being admitted to the dental schools. College graduate must have taken the Dental Admission Test to qualify for a dental school. A training of 2-4 years in mandatory before one can be licensed as a dentist. The most important qualities of a dentist include; communication skills, detail oriented, dexterity, leadership skills, patience, physical stamina and problem-solving skills. The median annual wage for a dentist in the state of Kansas is $158,310. The demand of dentists in the future is expected to grow due to the increase in population. The job prospects for dentists is expected to be good due to the unavoidable increase in their demand in the society.