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Do you live in Kansas and you are ready to begin working on your post-secondary degree program so that you can prepare for your future career? Even though you are a resident of Kansas do you not feel like you are very well informed on the different educational choices that you have to choose from? Or, maybe you are new to this state and you are trying to do your homework regarding which collegiate path will fit you and your goals best? Lastly, maybe you are not a current resident of Kansas but you think that you would like to move to this state to attend college. Regardless of which of these scenarios best fits your situation, keep reading to learn the most pertinent information about collegiate choices in this great state.

Kansas is a Midwestern state that is known for being one of the most productive agricultural states in the United States. Throughout this state you will find large areas of sunflowers, wheat, and sorghum. Kansas is known for being the 33rd most populous state and the 15th most extensive in our country. This state is bordered by Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. As you visit the many national parks and historic sites you can expect to experience one of three types of climates that are found in the state of Kansas: humid subtropical, humid continental and semi-arid steppe.

As you begin working towards choosing a post-secondary school that suits your needs, Kansas definitely has lots to offer. Some of the most popular colleges and universities in the Midwest are located in Kansas, as well as several smaller, liberal arts colleges. Therefore, if you are looking for a larger university or if a smaller college is more your speed, Kansas has something that is sure to meet your educational goals. For instance, Sterling College is a small liberal arts college that offers students the chance to pursue an educational degree program while following their Christian faith. Along with having athletic teams for you to participate in, you can also obtain your degree in one of 15 academic departments. Another school you will definitely want to add to your list is McPherson College, which is a four year liberal arts college. This learning institution, which offers degrees in 18 different major areas, focuses their instructional approaches to include real world experiences as their students learn about their chosen field of study.

Bethany College, which is located in Lindsborg, offers an educational program that is strongly tied to the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Although this learning institution’s most popular areas of study are education, art, social work, and criminal justice, the college as a whole functions under the premise of delivering instruction that educates and challenges students while helping them to lead lives of learning, faith, and service. Of course, if none of these learning institutions appeal to you or seem to fit your educational path, you can always choose to pursue your degree program through an online learning format.

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