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Have you just completed your high school requirements and you now have your diploma in hand? Have you made the decision to further your education by completing a post-secondary degree program? Do you live in Indiana and you are anxious to discover what educational opportunities this state has to offer you? Or, maybe you currently live in another state but you are thinking about moving to Indiana just to attend a college or university. No matter what your current situation is, or what your future plans are regarding your schooling, Indiana is sure to be a great choice for you! Continue reading to learn all that you need to know about this state and what it has to offer you as you work to achieve your goals.

Although Indiana is not one of the larger states in our country, this state offers over 100 post-secondary institutions for you to consider. The University of Notre Dame, which is ranked number 19 in the nation, is ranked as the number one choice of universities in the state of Indiana. This university is recognized as having solid degree programs in areas of science, business, architecture, engineering, and art and letters. Regardless of the level of degree that you are pursuing, Notre Dame is sure to be a great choice! However, the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology ranks as the highest school for this state in regards to admissions and enrollment. Located in Terre Haute, this learning institution is primarily attended by students who are pursuing a degree program in engineering. However, this school also offers degree programs that focus in areas of study such as: genetic engineering, marine biology, computer science, software engineering, chemical engineering, environmental health, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. If you plan to pursue a career in an area of business then maybe you should think about attending the Kelley School of Business. This learning institution’s graduate level programs offer major areas like marketing, supply chain operation, accounting, finance, management, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurship. One of the great advantages offered at this school is the ability to customize your educational program to accurately fit your career and educational goals. In the state of Indiana you certainly don’t want to forget about the option of attending Purdue. This university is particularly known for its degree programs in areas of agriculture, biology, and engineering. For instance, you could specifically choose to pursue a degree program such as: Agricultural Systems Management, Food Process Engineering, Biological Engineering, and Agricultural Engineering. Of course, you can also pursue your education through an online learning format, through vocational schools, or through smaller community colleges.

Indiana is located in the Midwestern portion of the United States, in the Great Lakes region. While in this state you will have the opportunity to experience several major league sports teams, as well as the Indianapolis 500. In addition, Indiana has a few busy metropolitan areas that have larger populations, as well as several smaller industrial cities and towns that will allow you to lead a quieter pace.

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