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Illinois Universities and Trade School Information

Are you interested in attending college in Illinois? Are you working to create a list of possible college and university choices in this state so that you can narrow down your options? Have you already determined the area of study that you plan to pursue and now you hope to find the perfect school that will help you achieve your educational goals? In addition to great scenery and a wealth of options for you to enjoy, Illinois also has many educational opportunities. If you are looking for a large research based university, Illinois has that to offer you. If you are thinking more along the lines of a smaller, liberal arts college, that option is definitely available! Whether you want to be in a large, metropolitan area or in a more rural setting, there are universities available in both areas that are sure to meet your educational and career goals. Generally speaking, Illinois has twelve top schools that will surely be good options for you to choose from.

Northwestern University is one of the larger options for you to consider in Illinois. This private, research based university is known for its strong academic programs in the areas of sciences and liberal arts. However, it is important to note that this university has one of the most selective admission processes in the state of Illinois. Or, you could choose to attend the University of Chicago, which is also classified as a private research based university. This learning institution is known for being one of the top in the United States; again, this university has a selective admission process and is known for its academic programs in areas of science and liberal arts. If you plan to pursue a technical degree program, then you may want to think about attending the Illinois Institute of Technology, which is located in Chicago. This private, research based university is known for its strong programs in areas of engineering, architecture, and sciences. In addition, there are numerous private liberal arts colleges for you to choose from. For instance, you could choose to attend the Illinois Wesleyan University located in Bloomington, or the Knox College in Galesburg, or the Lake Forest College, which is located in Wake Forest, Illinois. Of course, there are some private institutions that are more research based schools. For example, Loyola University Chicago is a private Catholic research university that offers strong business and science programs. In addition to campus based degree programs, Illinois, like many other states, also offers students online learning programs and hybrid programs. To obtain your degree in a hybrid program, you would be expected to complete components that would be campus based and components that would be completed online

Illinois has much to offer students and residents, alike. Chicago, which is the most populous area in this state, along with largely agricultural areas, small industrial areas, and a wealth of natural resources helps to round out the many things this state has to offer.

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