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Have you always dreamed of living in the lush landscape of Hawaii? Are you thinking that now that it’s time to start working on your post-secondary education that it is a great time to move there? So, in order to convince your parents are you working to compile a list of legitimate school options to show them how serious you are? Hawaii, which is the only state that is entirely made up of small islands, offers a tremendous amount of exciting and beneficial things to students. Regardless of what part of Hawaii you are visiting or living in, you will have the chance to experience public beaches, a warm tropical climate, an oceanic surrounding, and active volcanoes. Although Honolulu serves as the capital of Hawaii and is the largest island of O’ahu, Hawaii as a whole state has over one million permanent residents. While in Hawaii, you will have the chance to experience a vibrant, native culture that also shows evidence of Asian and North American influences.

Regardless of whether you plan to attend school to obtain a bachelor’s degree, a master’s level degree, or a doctoral level degree, Hawaii has four nationally accredited universities that offer degree programs in most every field of study that you can imagine. It is important to note that most of the post-secondary learning institutions are located in or around Honolulu; however, many of these schools also have branch campuses that are scattered in other locations throughout the state. As with most any state, students can choose from private colleges, public universities, community colleges, and junior colleges. In addition, if you would like to pursue your education through an online learning format, many of the schools have options that will allow you to work in a fully online degree program or a hybrid approach to your degree program.

The University of Hawaii is likely to be a great choice for you as you work to obtain a formal degree. This educational system is comprised of seven community colleges and three four year universities. Therefore, by attending this university you will have the choice of being located in an area of Manoa, West Oahu, or Hilo; if you plan to attend one of the community colleges there are many locations to choose from, also. It is important to note that the three main university campuses may not each offer the same degree programs at the same levels; therefore, it is a good idea to check into what is offered in your intended field of study. Another choice would be for you to attend Hawaii Private University, which is the largest private university in the state. This well-known, diverse campus makes it possible for you to study at the Loa campus, at the Oceanic Institute in Waimanalo, or at the downtown Honolulu campus. In addition to these two large universities, there are many choices that are religiously based. For instance, you could attend Chaminade University, which is a catholic university in Honolulu; or maybe the Brigham Young University, which is operated by the Church of Latter Day Saints, will be a better fit for you.

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