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Do you live in Delaware? Are you ready to begin planning the next educational phase of your life? Are you not sure which college or university that you want to attend? Are you trying to do your homework so that you can hopefully make the best possible decision about your future? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should definitely keep reading so that you can learn everything you need to know about what Delaware may have to offer you in your educational pursuits. Delaware is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and is bordered by Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. In the state of Delaware you will have the chance to experience many different types of vegetation and forests, all amid an almost ideal climate. In addition, you can expect to work on your educational course requirements while thriving among a very diverse population.

Although there are additional choices for obtaining your post-secondary degree, below, the five most popular choices among students seeking a degree are discussed. The University of Delaware, which is located in Newark, is considered to be the largest university in the state. While this university has many degree programs and many things to offer post-secondary students, it has received particular recognition for its one of a kind art conservation degree program and its engineering program was ranked tenth in the nation. In addition, this school was ranked as number 71 of all universities in the United States. Another choice would be for you to attend Wilmington University, which was previously known as Wilmington College. This university primarily serves students who commute from the metropolitan area of Wilmington; in addition, a large majority of the students who attend this school are classified as nontraditional students. Thus, enrollment in evening or online classes is quite high at this learning institution.

Wesley College, which is Delaware’s oldest private university, is another collegiate option you may want to add to your list of possibilities. While this college has an enrollment that is mostly comprised of traditional college students, the student body is thought to be multi-cultural and multi-denominational. In addition, this college is proud of the intimate atmosphere they have created, with a solid student to faculty ratio. If none of the previously mentioned university choices appeal to you and your educational goals, then maybe you should think about attending Delaware State University. Located in Dover, this university was originally comprised of primarily African American students; however, in recent years the student enrollment has become more diverse. Since this university is located approximately two hours from Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore, it is also an attractive collegiate choice to students who reside in these areas. While this learning institution has been recognized for its technology and mathematics related degree programs, there are also many other fields of study that you can choose to pursue. In addition, this institution continues to grow by obtaining research grants for additional areas of study for their students.

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