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Connecticut College and Universities

Do you have your high school diploma in your hand? Are you now anxious to get the next step in your educational plan started? Have you been a life-long resident of Connecticut, but you aren’t totally sure if you want to stay in this state to complete your post-secondary degree program? Don’t worry; weighing out your educational options is a good thing. This planning phase helps to ensure that you won’t make poor decisions that do not allow you to work towards your goals. As with most states, Connecticut has schools that will allow you to complete a formal degree program, schools that are more technically focused, and schools that offer a hybrid based approach that includes online options.

Connecticut, which is considered to be one of the New England states, is bordered with Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. As you make your educational decisions you will want to think about the fact that Connecticut has one school that is ranked among the top three universities and three schools that have been recognized among the top 50 liberal arts colleges. Although Connecticut is home to the famous Ivy League school Yale, there are also many other options that you can choose to use as a means of obtaining a formal degree. However, if Yale is on your to-do list then you have made quite a choice! This university allows students to choose from over 100 different academic departments in order to pursue the exact degree program that fits their needs. At the graduate level, Yale students can study subject areas such as medicine, law, architecture, drama, and art. Another viable option would be to attend Wesleyan University, which is categorized as a private liberal arts college. At this institution you can choose to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in about 40 different academic departments. Furthermore, this institution is connected to eleven other colleges who participate in a college exchange program, including Wellesley College and Dartmouth College. Keep in mind, this notable university has been ranked as number thirteen among the nation’s colleges of liberal arts.

Or, you may decide to pursue your education in an area of liberal arts at Trinity College. This private college boasts 38 different majors and numerous interdisciplinary minors. In addition, this learning institution is well known for its wide variety of evening classes, which helps to address non-traditional students and students who must maintain daytime employment. Connecticut College, which originally started as an all-female college, offers pre-professional programs in areas like medicine, law, and business, along with a wide number of certificate based programs.

Of course, as with most any state, Connecticut offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while you work on your educational degree program. Regardless of which college or university that you choose to attend, there is sure to be a wealth of attractions that will help give you a break between your studies.

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