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Are you one of the many, many people who lives in California? Are you ready to begin your post-secondary education and you are trying to weigh the many options that you have available to you in this great state? Or, perhaps you live in another state and you feel that beginning your college career is a great time for a change of scenery in your life.

No matter your reasoning, California is sure to be a good choice for you! Located on the west coast of the United States, California is known as being the most populous state in our country. In addition, because of this state’s vast spread you will have the chance to experience the Pacific Coast, the Central Valley, the Mojave Desert, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Although California is known for having the lowest and the highest points within the contingent United States, it is important to note that earthquakes are also a pretty normal occurrence in this state. In recent years, California has become recognized for its agricultural contributions, educational aspects, as well as aerospace and manufacturing ventures.

In relation to the large size of this state, California has twelve universities that you will likely want to consider. It is important to note that the universities in this state have much to offer, whether you plan to pursue something in the liberal arts area or more in the research aspect. In addition, there are well-recognized private colleges, as well as public colleges for you to consider in your educational pursuits. Here is just a brief glance at these schools and their most notable aspects. Perhaps one of the most popular collegiate choices is the University of California at Berkeley, which is located in the San Francisco Bay area. This university offers strong liberal arts and science programs, notable athletic associations, and a great cultural environment for you to thrive in. If you are thinking about pursuing a more technical degree program, then perhaps you should think about attending Caltech in Pasadena. This private engineering university boasts a three to one student/faculty ratio and is known for the research programs that they offer. In Claremont, there is the well-known Claremont McKenna College; this private liberal arts college is known throughout the country for being one of the most selective. In comparison, the Occidental College in Los Angeles is known for their strong science and liberal arts degree programs. In addition, because of its location near downtown Los Angeles, students will have the chance to experience a great blend of urban and suburban factors.

Stanford University, which boasts a large enrollment, is considered to be a private research based university. In addition, this university is nationally recognized as being one of the top ten choices for students. You may also want to think about the University of California at Los Angeles, which is known as one of the top ranked public universities in the country.

Although there are additional aspects of each of these universities and a wealth of other learning institutions that you can choose to attend, this is sure to give you some highlights to consider as you begin plotting your educational path.

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