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Are you interested in joining the masses and moving to Arizona to attend college? Or, maybe you are already among the residents of Arizona and you are interested in what the post-secondary schools in this state have to offer you? In recent years, the state of Arizona has been recognized as having one of the fastest growing populations within the United States. This factor makes Arizona the 16th most populous state in our country, with Phoenix serving as the state’s capital. This southwestern state boasts numerous collegiate choices for students who are pursuing practically any course of study. Arizona is known for its deep canyons, vast forests of a wide variety of trees, high plateaus, and a few mountain ranges. In addition, residents of Arizona can expect moderate weather throughout three of the four seasons. While working on your degree program you will likely want to be sure you check out Arizona’s national monuments, national parks, and national forests. The Grand Canyon National Park is sure to be one of the top attractions on your to-do list!

Arizona has five notable schools that you will likely want to consider as you choose where you plan to continue your education. The University of Arizona has a large enrollment of undergraduate students, which makes the admission process quite competitive and selective. Although you can pursue practically any field of study at the University of Arizona, this post-secondary learning institution is known for its programs in the area of natural sciences. A second choice that you will likely want to consider is Arizona State University. This university actually has four campuses for you to choose from, all of which are located in the metropolitan area of Phoenix. However, the main campus that is located at Tempe, Arizona is known to be one of the largest institutions in the nation. Since the main campus at Tempe is located in the heart of a metropolitan area, students have a great opportunity to complete internships in the same local area. This is likely to be a factor that allows this university to have such a large student enrollment.

Another choice for you to consider is Northern Arizona University. This university, whose programs focus more on education than on research, has a wealth of students who choose to complete their degree requirements in a completely online format. However, this university is also known for its hotel and motel management degree program. The Arizona State University West Campus will make it possible for you to choose from 38 degree programs, which can be completed in one of five colleges. Keep in mind, this university is continuing to add degree programs to their educational offerings; therefore, if the program you are looking for is not offered, do not give up hope! The last popular choice in Arizona is the Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus. This post-secondary school focuses on practical and technical programs along with many degree programs in areas of business and applied sciences.

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