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Are you thinking about pursuing an educational degree at a college in Arkansas? Are you not currently a resident of Arkansas, so you feel the need to do your homework in order to learn everything you can about what this state has to offer you? Have you already chosen your educational degree program and you want to be sure that a college in Arkansas will adequately prepare you for your future career path? If you said yes to each of these questions, then you won’t want to stop reading now. Below, you will find the most pertinent information regarding this wonderful state and all that it has to offer you in your educational pursuits.

Arkansas, which is known as the natural state, is home to three universities that are ranked among the top colleges in the United States. The southern state of Arkansas offers many geographical features, from areas of lowlands to regions of mountains. Within the landscape of the state of Arkansas you may have the chance to experience Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, Fort Smith National Historic Site, and the Arkansas Post National Memorial.

One of the universities that you may want to consider is the University of Arkansas, which is located in Fayetteville. Along with being recognized for its great athletic programs, this university is also known for providing well-rounded degree programs in practically any field of study. Of particular interest at this university is the animal science degree programs, the poultry science degree programs, and the agricultural related programs. In addition, this university boasts a notable school of architecture, a school of business, a law school, and a doctoral program. A second viable option that you may want to consider as you pursue your educational path is the Harding University. This private, Christian college requires students to attend a chapel session each morning and to complete a daily devotion. It is important to note that this college may not have as many degree programs to offer their students as other traditional colleges or universities.

The third most popular educational option in the state of Arkansas is the University of Central Arkansas. This university, which boasts one of the most beautiful campuses, is located just north of Little Rock, in Conway, Arkansas. Although this university was founded to train aspiring teachers, in recent years it has expanded its academic curriculum to include practically any field of study that you can imagine. Within Arkansas, this university is quite well known for providing four campuses that each allow students to live on campus and attend school. Furthermore, University of Central Arkansas is also known for having a well-organized study abroad program that includes destinations such as China, Italy, and Africa. Although the University of Arkansas Little Rock is not noted as one of the top three universities in Arkansas, it does serve as the state’s only metropolitan college. Due to this fact, it is the second most popular educational choice based on enrollment. As with most universities, you can choose to study practically any field at this post-secondary school.

Accredited Online Colleges in Arkansas

Choosing a university can be a daunting task. It will be one of the most important decisions taken by someone, as it will shape up the future of the concerned person. Choosing the right college depends on a lot of factors. For instance, you need to have the required grades to qualify for the college. Granted that requirement is met, the next step should be to choose the right place.
One of the most popular destinations for students seeking higher education is the United States of America. But being a huge country full of world class universities, students – both resident and international – often find it close to impossible to settle on any one of their choice. However, this task can be made much easier by first deciding on which state you prefer. Arkansas is a great place to start. There are 24 institutions of higher education having four-year degree curriculums, and the great diversity in programs offered will interest every kind of student. In addition, there are lots of career opportunities in Arkansas, which makes studying here even more tempting. The different universities have different tuition costs, academic programs, and financial aid and scholarship options. To help you find the right university for you, we have devised a list consisting of some of the best universities in Arkansas.

University of Arkansas (UofA)
The University of Arkansas is one of the best colleges in Arkansas. It is a top-classified, Carnegie-endowed research university, and offers students 70 bachelor’s degree programs in fields such as liberal arts, business, agriculture, and other innovative options such as interior design and biological and agricultural engineering. Over 26,000 students, from all over the world, enroll at UofA every year. Admission in this university will allow you to connect with more than 3000 fellow students, and learn from 700 amazing faculty. You can also enjoy benefits like the opportunity to study abroad, get research grants, and get special housing accommodation. There are more than 50 centers for research and outreach on campus. Students are continually encouraged to conduct research on any topic of interest, with the findings being published bi-annually in the university’s Inquiry journal.
Some other bachelor’s degree programs offered by UofA include:
Chemical Engineering
Students studying this degree program are given a broad and strong foundation in chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics, communication skills and the humanities. The courses cover topics such as thermodynamics, energy balances, fluid mechanics, reaction kinetics, heat and mass transfer, process control, computer methods, and other learning skills which are required of a practicing chemical engineer. This program also serves as an excellent preparation for dental, pharmacy, and law school.
This program provides students with a broad overall education, with solid basics in the common body of knowledge of business administration. The in-depth analysis of accounting helps students gain entry-level competence to pursuit a career in the business industry. Graduation in this program can also be followed by a Master of Accountancy degree, which is designed to convert the student from an apprentice to an accounting specialist.
John Brown University (JBU)
Having a 5-mile mountain biking trail running along Sager Creek, JBU has a picturesque campus. The curriculum is rooted in the liberal arts, with degree options including the likes of Christian ministry and formation, art and illustration, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, arts students will find a wide range of performance opportunities with a variety of choirs, the Music Theater Workshop, and the Jazz Ensemble. In addition to all the academic opportunities, student athletes and sports enthusiasts can get involved with club sport and intramural programs, and join the fantastic intercollegiate athletic teams. Furthermore, The John Brown’s Leader Scholars Institute also offers a four year co-curricular program, which brings together the top academic performers and guides them to become strong leaders in their respective fields. JBU is known for producing students who have won a Fulbright Scholarship and been awarded the NASA Innovation Award for multi-robot design.
Some of the degrees students can enroll in include:
Students of this degree study organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as nanotechnology. In addition, they can conduct their own research, assist their faculties on research projects and work on community service projects related to their studies. They learn to solve real-world problems through significant laboratory experience, comprehensive classwork and research.
Biblical and Theological Studies
This degree explores the foundation and the development of church history and prepares students for the ministry, seminary or graduate school. Original biblical languages are studied, as well as church history, faith philosophies, evangelical theology and the power of authentic church ministry.
Central Baptist College
Founded in 1892, the Central Baptist College is one of the highest ranked colleges in Arkansas, and offers a Christian-based liberal arts education. It offers students 37 degree programs, with minors on fields such as the sciences, business, education, the arts and Biblical studies. All programs offered by Central Baptist College are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Programs include not only the classical English or history, but also more modern, cutting-edge options such as molecular bioscience and multimedia communications. This college houses more than 700 students and over 50 full-time faculty members. All necessities – such as campus safety resources, counseling services, chapel and spiritual events, and a student health clinic – are available on-campus. In addition to academics, students can partake in various activities throughout the year, such as sports events, themed parties, and movie nights. Degrees offered include the likes of Biology, Psychology, Management, and Journalism, all of which prepare and enable the students to pursue careers in the ministry, serve in the mission field, or explore the business world.
University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (UAFS)
UAFS was founded in 1928, and started its journey as a junior college with just 34 students. Today, it is a member of a group of Arkansas colleges that are part of the University of Arkansas system. UAFS currently houses almost 7,000 students and offers a wide range of bachelor’s degrees in the arts and sciences. These degrees include innovative options like imaging sciences and animation technology, as well as professional programs like international business and organizational leadership. UAFS graduates have a 100% record of establishing full-time careers or being accepted into graduate school after graduation. This gives potential students further incentive to choose UAFS. With an 18-1 students-professor class ratio, all class discussions are incredibly in-depth and meaningful. Moreover, freshmen scholarship recipients get an invitation to attend a UAFS Scholars Day held in collaboration with the Undergraduate Research Symposium, which offers students the chance to go through distinct research avenues and projects.
Some popular degree options students can enroll in include:
Animation Technology
The Bachelor of Science in Animation Technology prepares students to practice and manage a wide range of operations related to computer graphics. Graduation in Animation Technology allows students to pursue careers in Applied Animation, State and National Parks, TV Stations, Video Game Companies, Medical Animations and 3D Mapping.
Applied Science Degree
This four-year program is designed to help students open avenues for professional development, personal growth and career advancement. The curriculum focuses on the application of industrial management principles and strategy, diversity, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking for making decisions. Graduating in this program enables students to launch new business ideas and succeed in management positions.
Hendrix College
Hendrix College is located in Conway, Arkansas, and is one of the best private liberal colleges in the state. It takes pride in its campus traditions – everything from student birthday celebrations to its famous Shirttails dance competition. Hendrix College offers degree programs in the arts and sciences, making it impossible for students not to find a subject they like. Freshmen participate in The Collegiate Center, which is a general education curriculum that includes interdisciplinary courses designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop into fully capable citizens. Sophomores and upper-level students can pursue advanced study in literature and language with the help of the Murphy Scholars program. This allows them to go abroad for advanced studies, and correspond with distinguished writers, editors and translators.
Some of the most popular degree options studied at Hendrix College include:
This degree is related to the unique and interdisciplinary study of the development, organization and function of the nervous system, and how it is related to behavior and cognition in humans and animals. Students get an extensive integration of knowledge from several levels of analysis, and background study on biology, chemistry, psychology, philosophy and computer science. This diversity, along with research experience in the field, allows students to pursue their own interests in biochemical, cognitive-philosophical, behavioral-psychological, or even artificial intelligence specialization.
Environmental Studies
The Environmental Studies program provides students with an integrated and interdisciplinary focus. It combines the strength of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to make the students fully prepared to go out into the world and hit the ground running. This program teaches students to understand the structure and dynamics of the natural world, the ways in which humans belong to and interact with nature, and explore forms of sustainable community life. The core topics of this degree program prepares students for graduate programs in Environmental Studies or other related fields, while the electives allow students to specialize in their individual interests.
Arkansas Tech University
Arkansas Tech University is ranked among the very best universities in Arkansas. In addition to engineering and the applied sciences, it also offers bachelor’s degrees in business, education, the arts and humanities, and health sciences. Arkansas Tech University’s diverse and global student body has a dedicated International and Multicultural Student Services Office to call on for any kind of help. Students can participate in the Global Connect program and mentor an international student. Freshmen are greeted with a Bridge to Excellence Freshman Mentoring Program, which assigns volunteer staff as their mentors during the first semester.
Some degree programs offered by Arkansas Tech University include:
Electrical Engineering
This four-year degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Committee of ABET. It is one of only three accredited electrical engineering programs available at public institutions. Students get hands-on experience of many courses and lab projects, with graduates going on to pursue careers in fields such as the power industry, military contractors, robotics, etc.
Economics and Finance
This degree teaches students economic and financial concept applications and relationships, relevant business verbiage, and financial decision making in addition to critical thinking and oral and written communication skills. Numerous organizations and resources help the students all the way.

Scholarships for Students in Arkansas

In addition to offering fantastic degree programs, all of the aforementioned universities offer various scholarships to aid the education of the students. Some of these scholarships include:
The Presidential Scholarship (John Brown University)
Every year, five applicants who achieved outstanding academic performances are awarded the Presidential Scholarship. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:
• ACT composite score of 29 or SAT 1280
• High school CGPA of 3.9 or above (on 4.0 scale)
• Leadership potential
This scholarship is fully renewable with a CGPA of 3.2.
The Chancellor Scholarship (John Brown University)
This scholarship is awarded to forty-five applicants every year, who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements. The qualifying requirements for this scholarship are as follows:
• ACT composite score of 29 or SAT 1280
• High school CGPA of 3.7 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
• Leadership potential
This scholarship is fully renewable with a CGPA of 3.2.
Institutional Scholarships (Central Baptist College)
This scholarship is available in two categories: Category 1 and Category 2.
Category 1 covers the following:
• Tuition fees (varies from $2,250 to Full Tuition)
• Applicants must have a minimum ACT score of 19 and GPA of 2.5
• The amounts vary, and are at the discretion of the Athletic department
• Applicants must meet admission criteria
• Awarded to the National Miss GMA
Category 2 covers the following:
Legacy Scholarship
• Applicable only for those who have at least one parent or grandparent to have graduated from Central Baptist College, and is a current member of the Central Baptist College Alumni Association
• $500 per year or $250 per semester for up to 8 semesters
• Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and enroll in a minimum of 12 hours per semester
Multiples Scholarship
• Applicable for twins, triplets, etc. who are attending Central Baptist College concurrently
• In case of twins, each will receive a tuition discount of 25%
• In case of triplets, each will receive a tuition discount of 30%
• In case of quadruplets, each will receive a tuition discount of 35%
• Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and enroll in at least 12 hours per semester
Sibling Scholarship
• Applicable only for siblings attending Central Baptist College concurrently
• $1,000 per year or $500 per semester per sibling for up to 8 semesters
• Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and enroll in at least 12 hours per semester

Career Opportunities in Arkansas

There are plenty of career opportunities across Arkansas in both the public and the private sector. Graduating from any of these colleges will no doubt give students a massive boost in their hunt for stability in the job market, and establish their careers. Some potential careers include:
This line of work is most suited for those who graduate from a biology-based degree. It will require the concerned to perform all job functions safely, while complying with corporate policies and procedures. This position works with the site and staff to provide technical Quality support, perform Quality microbiological testing, conduct GMP and GLP audits and support the verifications and validations of equipment sanitization. Candidates will also be responsible for keeping track of microbiological data, investigating deviations, and overseeing improvements based on the results of their analysis.
The required educational qualifications and experience are as follows:
- Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with at least 2 years of post-graduate experience in any microbiology related field
- 2 years of aseptic Quality Lab operation experience in a manufacturing or medical environment
- 2 years of Cosmetic Regulatory compliance
- Good understanding of Lab practices and regulations
- Strong analytical, communication, and computer skills
Environmental Engineer
Perfect for those who have studied environmental science and engineering, this position requires the candidate to perform the following:
- Assist with the management of environmental restoration and remediation programs
- Provide expertise in restoration and remediation
- Provide oversight and management of other environmental activities
The qualifications needed for this position are as follows:
- Bachelor’s degree or higher in Environmental Engineering or a closely related field
- Minimum of 5 years compliance, remediation and restoration experience
- Exceptional consultation, organization and communication skills (both oral and written)
- Strong problem solving and critical-thinking skills
Business Consultant
This position requires candidates to have graduated from a business-oriented degree. The required duties include:
- Research of the client’s business and industry to offer an alternative option or view
- Construction of visual models during meetings
- Organizing workshop logistics
- Documenting workshop outputs
- Facilitating part of the workshop
Educational requirements and experience needed are:
- Bachelor’s degree in Business
- 5 years’ experience in commercial or public sector
Financial Services Specialist
This position is generally viewed as the expert in areas of branch sales and service. Primary responsibilities include:
- Excellent customer service and communication skills
- Ability to work under high pressure with immaculate attention to detail
- Meet and exceed branch sales quotas by identifying customer demands
- Referring clients to other businesses when potential need is recognized
The requirements that must be met for this position are:
- Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or other closely related fields
- Two years’ sales experience
- Strong computer skills
- Excellent communication skills
Environmental Program Associate
Another position which requires higher education in the Environmental Sciences. The duties include:
- Perfect coordination with project leaders and/or other supervisors
- Effective contributions to program design, conceptual framework, result dissemination, educational activities and the pursuit of extramural financial support
- Field activities in irrigation water management
- Repair and installation of irrigation equipment, planting and harvesting crops
- Retrieval of information from data logging equipment
- Data summarization and analysis of field experiments
- Training farmers and other trainers about Irrigation Water Management Practices
- Troubleshooting and design of irrigation system and components
This job requires the applicant to have the following qualifications:
- Bachelor’s degree in Mechanized Systems Management, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Agriculture Technology Management, Agronomy, Soil Science, Crop Science or other related field
- Three years’ related professional work experience
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong proficiency in operating Microsoft Office applications, email programs and data management
- Ability to develop and deliver presentations
- Ability to make sound judgments and work independently
- Respond to the needs of the clients, subordinates and supervisors
In short, Arkansas is a state full of wonderful options for both higher education and career opportunities. Choosing a college will be much easier now thanks to this list, and the potential career opportunities are just waiting for you to pursue.