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Do you live in Alaska and you are considering attending a college or university to further your level of education? Or, perhaps you are not a current resident of Alaska but you are interested in what the colleges in this state may have to offer you. Or, maybe you are the student who is drawn to Alaska because of the outdoorsy setting that you can enjoy while also completing a degree program in your area of choice. Regardless of which of these situations best fits you, Alaska is a great choice for both a residence and a place to pursue your post-secondary educational degree. Who knows, maybe you can thoroughly enjoy both aspects of what is offered to students in this wonderful, exciting state.In order to familiarize yourself a bit with the state of Alaska, it is known as being the largest state and is located at the northernmost point of the United States. It is important to note that this state is recognized for its outdoor and adventure related activities. However, you should be aware that the state of Alaska is the fourth least populous, as well as the least densely populated state of all of the fifty states. Generally speaking, approximately half of Alaska’s entire population lives within the metropolitan area of Anchorage.

As you begin focusing on your educational plan you will likely want to consider the University of Alaska Anchorage. This college, which initially began as a community college, is known as the largest institution within the Alaska system. Currently, this college has four available campuses that will make it possible for you to study any number of degree programs. Furthermore, the aviation program at this college has become nationally recognized in the past few years. It is important to note that while not all parts of Alaska are accessible at all times of the year, this Anchorage campus is almost always accessible to students. However, Alaska’s flagship learning institution is the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This university is known for its endless research opportunities (specifically in the area of agriculture), which are largely contributed to by its location near the Arctic Circle.

The third most popular university choice in Alaska is the University of Alaska Southeast, which is located in Juneau. Although this university has two campus locations, it is quite common for students who are enrolled at this university to pursue their degree requirements through an online learning format. This is largely due to the fact that many of the students live in areas that are quite remote. While there are degree programs in almost every field of study, students seem to primarily choose degree programs in areas of nature and wildlife. The fourth most common university choice for students is the Alaska Pacific University. This private university is actually a collection of six smaller colleges who are focused on studying the environment and related topics. This university boasts an interactive learning environment that allows students to be flexible in their educational approach.

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