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If you attended a public or private high school, which most people have, you know just how challenging those years can be. These students are soon to go through the transfer into adulthood and they are scared, unprepared, and are facing many new social problems and situations at the same time. As a high school counselor, you can be the one to provide guidance and support for young teens who are now where you once where. With the right education, you can become a high school counselor and build a career out of helping teenagers get the most out of their education and prepare them for a bright future. Start below by researching your high school counselor course options. High school counselors support student's personal growth as well as academic pursuits. Counselors are in the schools to identify social problems and provide solutions for the students before the problems worsen. High school counselors are often responsible for coordinating prevention programs regarding drugs, alcohol, and pregnancy. Counselors provide support and information to students in need who are at risk or struggling from behavioral problems. Counselors help students deal with these issues so that they can focus on their education more easily.

High school students are often too young to understand where their education can take them. It is the counselor's job to inspire them to determine what their goals are, and to reach for them. By completing a high school counseling education, you can learn how to assess a student's skills and interests to help them determine what their academic and career goals should be. Once those goals are determined, the counselor then helps the student develop a plan. They help students determine which universities they should apply for and help them with the admissions process. Counselors also help students choose technical or vocational schools, or they can prepare them to enter the job market immediately after high school if that is their choice.

Being a high school counselor can be quite rewarding, as you are helping determine the future for young students, and helping make that future possible. With all of this comes great responsibility and it is imperative that you are prepared. Most states require that high school counselors have received their master's degree, license and certification to be a counselor. The state wants to ensure that the counselor has received an impressive education and is equipped with the tools and resources necessary to give the students the best support possible.

While completing a degree, high school counseling students study curriculum that covers psychology, education, sociology, counseling techniques, assessment strategies, social diversity, adolescent development, research techniques and many more. The adolescent mind is quite complex, and it is important to be well versed on the many counseling techniques to be able to properly guide them. The job outlook for those who have completed the master's program for counseling should see great job opportunities waiting for them. There are more counseling positions opening than there are students graduating from the program. This means that there are plenty of teens out there who are in need of your services. If you are a compassionate person, who would love to inspire young minds, you should begin a counseling degree program so that you may begin assisting these students as soon as possible. Start your high school counselor training today.


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