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Bachelor's in Psychology Online

Psychology is one of the most popular bachelor degrees obtained by undergraduate students at colleges and universities throughout the world. Students that obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology commonly do so because they have the desire to help people. Psychology is best stated as the study of behaviors and emotions of the mind. By using scientific methods to conduct research a psychology student makes an attempt to understand human behavior. Psychology explores research methods, family counseling, cognitive development, and pharmacology. While a bachelor’s degree in psychology does not qualify you to work as a psychologist it can open doors for you to begin a career in clinical psychology or other related professions. Fortunately, a bachelor’s degree in psychology provides a surplus of job opportunities due to its flexibility. With this degree you can attain a job in other professional areas in the division of human or social services such as sales, management, advertising, counseling, public relations, writing/journalism, social work, or human resources. The biggest advantage of a degree in psychology is its adaptability.

Just as most other degrees, a bachelor’s degree in psychology requires a certain amount of general studies courses. Review the general studies requirements of the university or online organization of your choice before you begin taking classes to ensure that you taking the appropriate general studies courses in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Some colleges recommend particular psychology, chemistry, physics, anthropology, philosophy, and biology courses to be taken during your core studies. Core classes can include multiple psychology based classes such as introduction to psychology, personality theories, social psychology, cultural psychology, biological psychology, and abnormal psychology.

There are also classes such as child and adolescent development. Elective courses in the requirements for a bachelor’s of psychology degree are generally selected from the human science area. Classes may include, but are not limited to, counseling, psychotherapy, adulthood, or marriage and family. These electives are in addition to the electives required during the general studies courses. In order to meet the requirements of earning a bachelor’s of psychology degree a minimum of 36 credit hours are required and you must earn a grade of at least a C in all courses required in the core area. Typically, most programs take four years to attain a bachelor of psychology degree; however, it is sometimes possible to complete the required coursework in a three year period. Many universities offer both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in psychology. You will need to decide which degree best meets your goals and desires before you enter the program. Generally, the difference in the two programs is found in the general education courses that are required. The Bachelor of Arts usually involves taking courses related to languages and humanities, while the Bachelor of Science demands more science related courses. A bachelor’s degree in psychology can also pave the way for you to further you education is you choose to do so.