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Online Child Development Psychology Degree

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Psychology is a profession that requires a true calling. If you feel empathy towards others and genuinely want to help people who have psychological problems, then you may have that calling. It takes seven years of hard work and study to become a certified Psychologist. If you have what it takes, check your local educational institutions and go for it. Psychology is the study of the way people behave, or will behave based on who they are. A good psychologist can study a person and in short order, predict how they will behave under a wide range of circumstances. More than this, a psychologist is observant and will be able to analyze the human condition, ascertain the root of a problem and guide that individual to a useful and fulfilling solution.

If this sounds like you, then you should look into a career as a psychotherapist. To find out, ask yourself these five questions. Be as honest with yourself as possible and give each question a fair measure of thought. Remember, your future may depend on it. First, are you honest? This is not a rhetorical question, nor are you asking if you would return a wallet full of money without keeping the money. Are you honest about your feelings? If you are insulted, can you feel insulted, realize why you are insulted and work your way through it without a confrontation? What if you were mad, or rejected? Second, are you empathetic? Do you feel the pain others feel and know what they are experiencing even though you've never been in their situation? Can you put yourself in someone else's shoes and come out on the other side without the baggage? Third, do you naturally carry a measure of integrity? Can you speak to someone about their problems and keep it to yourself? Do you gossip about people behind their back? Do you see people for who they are and still respect them? If you can, you have integrity.

Fourth, do you really like who you are and are you honest about it? Do you realize that no one is perfect, least of all yourself and yet you are comfortable in how you feel about yourself and your decisions? Do you act in a way that, were you someone else, you would frown at the actions? Lastly, do you see where people go wrong and honestly feel you can help them find peace in their lives without actually interfering with who they are? Do your friends often ask you for advice or tell you their problems? Do people respect what you say and do they usually listen and follow your lead, advice, and guidance? If you answered these questions honestly, and if you are willing to accept the outcome no matter how you answered, then a career in psychology is waiting for you and you will be extremely happy in it. There are a great many excellent psychology programs in schools all over the world. While it takes years of hard work, psychology is a very rewarding and fulfilling profession.


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