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Do you think of yourself as being addicted to learning and you constantly want to add to your educational training? Have you completed your undergraduate degree in your chosen field of study and now you are ready to move on to the next degree on your list? Have you also completed your graduate level degree program, but you still don’t seem to be professionally satisfied? Are you the type of person who will not be completely satisfied until you have achieved every degree program that is made available to you? By completing your PhD program you will have completed the utmost of educational training, which will allow you to work in an administrative or executive level capacity of your chosen field of study. It is important to understand that although most people hear the term PhD and they instantly think of it in reference to a medical doctor, there are actually many other occupations and professions in which a PhD degree can be useful. For instance, you can obtain a doctoral degree in the fields of philosophy or education in order to climb the ranks of these professions. In the educational sector, a PhD degree will allow you to work in an administrative capacity over teachers and personnel who have lesser degrees and training.

While most doctoral programs do not plot out a specific time frame in which the students must have completed the program requirements, there is generally a maximum time limit that you must not exceed in order to obtain your credentials. It is important to understand that in addition to your required course work, prospective PhD students will be required to complete an in-depth dissertation that they can successfully defend to a panel of university personnel. Keep in mind, most learning institutions will require students to have a good standing and transcript with reference to their undergraduate and previous graduate degree programs before they can be admitted into a PhD program. While many colleges and universities offer a variety of degree programs that contain online learning components, you can likely expect a large portion of your PhD program to be required to be completed at an on campus location. However, should you be able to complete some portions of your selected PhD program via a distance learning format, it is highly unlikely that the entire degree program can be completed without you stepping foot on the campus of your choice.

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