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Technical Writing Certificate Program

Technical Writer Certificate Online

Are you good at giving step by step directions and also good at writing? If so, you might want to consider earning a certificate in technical writing. Technical writers spend their time writing scientific, medical, and computer related manuals and how to guides for the general public. Studying for a certificate in Technical Writing will prepare you to work in the fascinating field of scientific, medical, and computer and technical related communication. Recently, there’s been a rapid change in the amount of information technologies that are available and a good technical writing program will teach you how to write and organize both technical and non-technical information for a wide variety of fields as well a wide variety of media.

There are two areas of technical writing where you can specialize. You can write communication materials for the computer and electronics field or for the science and medicine field. A good technical writing program will allow you to complete actual projects for real clients so you can master the management skills and group interaction skills needed to be a successful technical writer. There have been many changes in the technical field and trainig is constantly being revised so these changes are included and so that the program will be up to date with the ever changing field of technical communication.

Some of the courses you’ll take to earn your certificate training will be:

  • Visual Media (Technical Communication)
  • Technical Editing
  • User Interface Lay-out
  • Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Communication (scientific and technical)
  • Content Management

The other courses you’ll take will depend on which of the two specialty areas of technical writing you decide to make your career in. You will probably also have to create a portfolio to show off your work before you’re allowed to graduate. Not too long ago, technical writers wrote only print media and only for a few select fields such as the software industry and a handful of other scientific and technical organizations where technical writers were needed. But these days, since the information technology field has exploded, that’s no longer the case. Today’s technical writers are professionals who specialize in the design, technology, and communications skills necessary to work in a wide variety of fields based on information technology. These days, technical writers do so much more than just writing documents in print. Technical writers have a plethora of options that have expanded to include fields where organizing, facilitating, managing, and communicating through the use of both technical and non-technical information in a wide variety of media formats is very important.


Technical Writing Program Levels