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Are you planning to obtain your degree in international relations? Are you now hesitating a little because you are concerned that you don’t know enough about this career path? Then you have come to the right place; keep reading to learn the basics of this occupational path so that you can make an informed decision about your future. Keep in mind, a degree in international relations will make it possible for you to work in many different capacities across global borders. However, if you also study another major area, such as business or finance, your employment opportunities will become almost endless. Keep in mind, a degree in international relations is typically designed to serve as a supplementary major; its intent is to help prepare you to successfully work abroad. Any of the schools below offer international relations programs ranging from certificate to master degrees.

By completing an undergraduate degree program in international relations you will definitely be qualified to work in this industry. Within this degree program you can expect to learn about social international processes, complex economical processes that occur internationally, and environmental international processes. In addition to studying the individual and community life of individuals throughout the world, you can also expect to focus your studies on foreign policies, economic structures, world culture, global studies, and world geography. In order to learn about each of these areas you can likely expect to be required to complete courses such as: international security, international institutions, war and peace and how it affects world politics, poor and rich nations that exist in the international system, international financial system, comparative foreign policy, world affairs and the United States affairs, and culture and world politics.

It is important to note that many schools require students to be fluent in languages other than English before they can be admitted into an international relations degree program. In addition, should you decide to further your level of education you will be able to study similar topics in a more thorough manner; this will also allow you to be qualified for additional job opportunities. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools listed on our site that particularly appeal to you. This is sure to make your educational decisions much easier! Once you have completed a formal degree in international relations you will be able to seek employment in areas such as tourism agencies, Foreign Service organizations, international businesses, or international institutions. In addition, you would also be qualified to work as a political activist or as a social activist across national borders. Your international relations degree is a great step toward reaching your career goals.