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For most students, choosing a degree program can be quite intimidating. It may be due to not being sure what it is you want to do with the rest of your life or maybe you just don't want to tie yourself down to one career choice just yet. The inability to make this decision sometimes leads to high school graduates deciding to put off their first year of college so they can "take a break while they decide." With today's economy, however, this is simply not a good plan. First of all, some of those students who have decided to put off college for a year never return to school. Another reason not to wait is that jobs aren't in abundance right now, and everyone needs to get as much of a jump start as possible towards choosing a successful career.

For those students, who simply aren't ready to choose a lifetime job, there are many different degree programs available that are very versatile in the career paths they can choose after graduation. One such degree is a General Studies degree. A degree in general studies is sometimes called a "generalist degree." This field of study is a broad coverage of the basics of a college education. A General Studies degree can be very useful in showing potential employers you're disciplined and intelligent enough to work your way through something that requires you possess knowledge of a wide variety of subjects.

This type of degree can leave a student ready to be trained for any career they may choose to start, or can be a terrific start towards working on a degree in another area. A degree in General Studies can be very rewarding personally simply due to its broad nature. The varied classes and studies will feed your brain the knowledge it's hungry for, in a variety of flavors, so you never get bored. A lot of times, a student will use a degree in General Studies as a stepping stone into the college lifestyle, and as a way to get credits as they decide upon a career path. By choosing many different areas of study, you can use your general studies courses to help you decide what areas you excel in and which ones you have a genuine interest in. This may help you choose the career you want for your life.

By choosing general studies as your course of study, you're leaving yourself open to pick and choose what subjects are of the most interest to you. You may, for example, get a basic knowledge of the sciences while you choose electives in arts and humanities, or English. You can throw in a course or two in sociology and ancient art, and studying these various subjects will give you a sample of each so you get a good taste of what you're interested in and passionate about. The different courses you can choose from include humanities, sociology, history, philosophy, mathematics, sciences, languages, and many others. The wonderful pallet of flavors offered by a General Studies degree is not available as a Master's or a Doctorate degree, because it's actually considered a gateway degree. It is available, however, in a two year degree program such as an Associate's Degree in General Studies. This information may help you choose a degree in General Studies as a way to start on the path to an exciting career in a job that you can be sure you'll love. While "sampling a taste" of many available choices, you might discover you have the confidence and desire to move forward and make a decision about what career path you should take.


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