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Are you interested in working in the medical field? Are you intrigued by the thought of working alongside a doctor who is performing a surgical procedure? Have you decided that a career path in surgical technology is an ideal fit for your professional goals? As a surgical technologist it will be important that you have expert skills in surgical procedures and sterile technology; this will help to ensure that a patient experiences a safe invasive surgical procedure. Although it is most common for students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field of study, some post-secondary schools will offer an associate’s degree program in this field. Depending upon the level of education you complete, it may be possible for you to work as a certified surgical technologist, as a circulating technologist, or as a surgical technologist.

Research any of the surgical technology schools below. As a certified surgical technologist you will primarily work to aid in prevention of a patient’s exposure, prevent hemorrhages, and assist the surgeon in any other capacity he or she requests. To work in this capacity you will be required to complete certification in addition to your formal training program. Should you decide to work as a circulating technologist you will mostly be responsible for dealing with a patient’s care outside of the operating room. You will likely be responsible for knowing the patient’s history in the event questions come up during the surgical procedure. Surgical technologists are often expected to prepare and transport a patient for an upcoming surgery, to set up and handle instruments, for cleaning up the operating room, and for checking charts.

As previously mentioned, it is most common for students pursuing this career path to obtain an Associate of Science degree in surgical technology. Your course requirements, which will consist of classroom based instruction and clinically based classes, will be designed to teach you how to maintain a sterile environment in an operating room, how to effectively assist a nurse and a doctor during a surgical procedure, and how to properly utilize surgical equipment.

You can expect to take specific courses like: microbiology, anatomy, sterilization and disinfection, patient care, and medical ethics. Once you have completed an associate’s degree program you will be qualified to sit for the certified surgical technologist examination. After obtaining a passing score on this examination you will be required to complete continuing education hours to maintain your certification. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the schools on the site that appeal to you. With your formal training in this field of study you will be able to work in many different medical capacities. You will be qualified to work in a hospital setting or in an outpatient facility to assist with surgical procedures. Read more about other surgical technologist training programs and career information below.