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Online Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Education

Sports medicine refers to the healthcare and related services in the field of exercising, sports and physical recreational activities. Its focus is on improving the performance of the body by making it recover from any form of injury it may have gone through as well as preventing any such harm from occurring in the future. This industry of sports medicine is closely related to fields such as human kinetics (kinesiology) and exercise physiology. However, it is different in the sense that it entails the use both scientific and medical acquaintance to help others through the identification, assistance, rehabilitation and prevention of body injuries. Every type of career in the world today calls for one to be in possession of a degree certificate. The same applies for a career in Sports Medicine. A degree in this specialty is particularly appropriate for those who are interested and seek to work with sports men and women such as athletes and all the other categories. In as much as this field seems to borrow from the general field of medicine, it has got its own unique contents that are not covered in the field of medicine. In fact to be precise, I could say that this specialty is one of its kind and unique from the rest. Anyone aspiring to serve in this field will be more or less equal to a medical doctor.

Enrolling for a sports medicine degree offers one with a wide variety of degree choices to start from. However, you should note that just like in other career choices, a person is required to progress from one stage to the next one. The courses you intend to study in will be directly related to the level of study you are in. in general, this program offers courses that range from the most basic ones like athletic training and teaching as well as body massage techniques to more complex study areas such as medicine involving experience gain in laboratory assignments and field work. The different types of the degree include:

  • Associate degree: In most colleges offering this program, this serves as the entry point in a fulfilling career in sports medicine. At this level students are taken through various courses to equip them with knowledge in areas like first aid, strength conditioning, sports nutrition, sports injury management as well as lifetime fitness. This level is the shortest of all and would fit anyone who just wishes to obtain a basic certificate in the field. After this level one could proceed to the next level discussed below.
  • Bachelors degree: Having undertaken most of the basic units in this career in the preceding level, a student can now enroll for a bachelors degree in which he/she expects to have a more grounded foundation in sports medicine. This level also allows for one to be able to specialize in their respective areas of choice within the sports medicine program. Such specializations can be in areas such as human physiology, physical therapy, nutrition and dietetics, nursing, exercise physiology, kinesiology, or being a sports medical doctor. Whichever field you choose to pursue, you should note that it will depend on your educational goals, your interest in that particular specialty area, and the environment in which you intend to work in the future. All of these combined, one should be able to choose wisely their specialization while progressing through this level.
  • Masters degree: This is a more seemingly higher degree level in the field of sports medicine. Students in this level or those who have graduated from universities at this level are considered highly intelligent and skilled fellows within their specific areas of study. This level involves an intensive program of study that calls for its students to be able to develop proposals and be able to write reports based upon them. These form the core parts of their coursework at this level. It is commonly known as the graduate level where one gets to focus on extremely advanced topics such as clinical biomechanics or muscle physiology. A student must present a well developed thesis in any of these topics based on their proposal reports to be able to consider the 2-years program complete and successful.

Finally, when you shall have managed to complete your studies you will join the job market in search for employment. First of all it is important that you recognize early enough the career opportunities you shall seek after graduating. Even though many people have doubted whether any viable openings exist for sports medicine specialist, this article seeks to note that there are such many opportunities in the job market. They include working as a physical therapist, a physical therapist aide, an athletic trainer, or better still you could be a lecturer and a curriculum developer in this field. Opportunities are diverse; you only need to be smart to notice them.


Sports Medicine Program Levels