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Are you interested in working in the pharmacy industry? Are you ready to begin working on your educational requirements so that you can dive in as quickly as possible? With a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy you will be qualified to begin your career in this industry; however, you should note that to become a pharmacist you will need to obtain your Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Since there is a great projected job growth in this area, now is definitely the time to continue working on your education in this field of study. Keep in mind, you will be required to obtain and maintain licensure to work in this industry. Find accredited online schools and research here.

To work in the pharmacy industry you will need to complete a Bachelor of Science degree program in Pharmaceutical Sciences. While this degree program is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, you will not be required to continue your education beyond your bachelor’s degree if you decide not to. For instance, this degree program will be well suited for individuals who hope to work within the drug industry or the health care industry. Within this bachelor’s degree program you will be learning about the research, the testing, and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. You can expect to complete classes that are primarily science based, including chemistry courses and biology components. By furthering your education and obtaining a PharmD program you will be required to take classes like: immunology, basic pharmaceutical care, drug literature analysis, disease management, and ethical issues in pharmaceutical care.

This degree program will provide you with the technical experiences that you will need to succeed in this field. You can expect to learn the basics of this career path through practical experiences and theory based classroom instruction. In order to complete the practical experience, you may be required to work in a real world pharmacy setting under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Thanks to recent technological advances it may even be possible for you to pursue this degree program through an online learning format. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that are particularly appealing to you. As a bachelor’s degree holder in pharmaceutical sciences you will be able to seek employment in pharmaceutical sales, drug product testing, pharmaceutical research, or drug marketing. In addition, if you decide to pursue a higher level of educational degree you will also be qualified to work as a pharmacist. Don’t start your PharmD program until you complete your research.