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Is it your desire to work as a massage therapist? Have you made this career decision, even though you have no idea exactly what it consists of? Do you need a massage therapy class now? Are you able to work with a wide variety of types of people and feel that you have a good sense of delivering customer service skills? Do you have what it takes to help people use massage therapy in order to make their body feel better? If you said yes to each of these questions, then maybe it is time to seriously consider pursuing your dream career. As a massage therapist you will spend much of your day providing massage therapy techniques in order to control a patient’s pain, to promote relaxation, and to help them reduce their stress. It will be up to you to obtain a patient’s medical history, to assess their conditions and problems, and to suggest appropriate massage methods and techniques based on their current health issues. Research your new massage therapy training program now!

It is common for individuals who want to be a massage therapist to pursue a certificate based program. Typically, you can find this type of program at local community colleges or vocational institutes. You can expect it to take you approximately 32-43 credit hours, which is the equivalent of two to three semesters, to obtain your certificate in this field of study. In addition to your classes that are related to massage therapy, you can also expect to be required to complete coursework that is related to business ethics and professional practices. This is designed to help massage therapists be better prepared to work on an independent basis or to own their own business.

You can expect to take classes such as: pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, myology for massage therapists, medical terminology, therapeutic massage, pathophysiology, and medical law, ethics, and human relations. In addition, it is common for students to be required to complete practice labs that will give them the chance to apply techniques and methods that have been learned in the classroom. Take a few minutes and check out the many schools that are shown on our site. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the schools that are appealing to you; this will surely help you make a more informed decision regarding your educational goals and your potential career path.

As a certificate holder in massage therapy it will be possible for you to practice in several different venues. For instance, you could practice massage therapy in a spa or resort, in a clinic type setting, or you could choose to open your own business. Get started today and request information from any of the massage therapy training programs below.

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