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Animal caretakers who specialize in grooming or maintaining a pet’s usually a dog’s or cats appearance are called groomers. Some groomers work in kennels, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, or pet-supply stores. Others operate their own grooming business, typically at a salon, or increasingly, by making house calls. Such mobile services are growing rapidly as it offers convenience for pet owners and flexible hours for groomers. Groomers answer telephones, schedule appointments, discuss pets’ grooming needs with clients, and collect information on the pet’s disposition and its veterinarian. Groomers often are the first to notice a medical problem, such as an ear or skin infection that requires veterinary care. Earn your Associate's degree and begin your exciting career.

Animal care trainers in animal shelters perform a variety of duties and work with a wide variety of animals. In addition to attending to the basic needs of the animals, caretakers also must keep records of the animals received and discharged and any tests or treatments done. Some vaccinate newly admitted animals under the direction of a veterinarian or veterinary technician, and euthanize (painlessly put to death) seriously ill, severely injured, or unwanted animals. Caretakers in stables are called grooms. They saddle and unsaddle horses, give them rubdowns, and walk them to cool them off after a ride. They also feed, groom, and exercise the horses; clean out stalls and replenish bedding; polish saddles; clean and organize the tack (harness, saddle, and bridle) room; and store supplies and feed. Experienced grooms may help train horses.

In zoos, animal care training and service workers, called keepers, prepare the diets and clean the enclosures of animals, and sometimes assist in raising them when they are very young. They watch for any signs of illness or injury, monitor eating patterns or any changes in behavior, and record their observations. Keepers also may answer questions and ensure that the visiting public behaves responsibly toward the exhibited animals. Most pet groomers learn their trade by completing an informal apprenticeship, usually lasting 6 to 10 weeks, under the guidance of an experienced groomer. Prospective groomers also may attend one of the 50 State-licensed grooming schools throughout the country, with programs varying in length from 2 to 18 weeks. The National Dog Groomers Association of America offers certification for master status as a groomer with a focus on four principle areas on-sporting, sporting, terrier, and masters. Experienced groomers often choose to open their own salons.

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If you love animals and want to make a career out of working with them on a daily basis, you have many options available to you. Some jobs in the field will require that you have some sort of college degree while others may not. However, no matter what job you plan on doing in the field of animal care, having a college degree will serve to make you that much more employable and will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be good at your job.

A veterinary technician, or vet tech as their often called, is someone who works as an assistant to a professional veterinarian. If you want to pursue a career as a veterinary technician, you’ll need to first have a HS diploma and then you’ll need to earn an Associate of Science degree in Veterinary Technology. You’ll want to make sure you earn your Associate’s degree from a school that’s accredited by the American

Veterinary Association

If you’re planning on being a vet tech, you’ll need to be very good at, and have solid knowledge of, both math and science. Vet techs usually work in private veterinary offices or animal hospitals, but they can also work in laboratories. They’re tasks include instructing pet owners on how to properly care for their pets, what foods and how much of those foods to feed their pets, take x-rays and blood tests, and keep patient records. Another job you might be interested in if you want to work in animal care industry is that of animal groomers. To become one, you’ll need to either complete courses with a school that is state licensed for grooming or secure a position in f animal grooming apprenticeship program. The tasks groomers handle on a daily basis include brushing, trimming, and styling animals’ fur, clipping their claws and nails, bathing them, and cleaning their ears and teeth. Ultimately, the responsibility of a groomer is to make an animal clean and beautiful and keep them happy and healthy.

Safety is the first and foremost concern of animal trainers. They’re concerned with the safety of the animals they train, the people around watching the animals, and the safety of themselves as well. Animal trainers teach animals to respond to verbal and hand signals and they usually work with horses, dogs, and marine mammals.

Animal trainers also train dogs to compete in dog shows and they train them to be service animals to elderly and disabled people.} They train animals by administering a few techniques such as repeating a command over and over, diet and exercise program, and giving treats as rewards for obeying. {Animal trainers use several techniques to train animals they’re responsible for. Sometimes they repeat a command over and over until an animal begins to do what they’re told. Other times they give treats to the animal each time they obey. They also use diet and exercise to train animals to do what they want them to do. If you want to become an animal trainer, your education can range from on-the-job training to a graduate degree in animal behavior science or zoology. For instance, if you want to become qualified to train marine animals, you’ll need to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology. So, if you want to spend your days working with animals and you want to get paid to do it, you have several options available to you. If you’re passionate about animals and want a career in any of the animal care fields, it’s a good idea to get a degree that will help you advance your career and teach you everything you need to know to be good at what you do. Animal care training courses are availble to anyone, request your information today.


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