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Are you interested in pursuing a career as an electrical engineer? Have you narrowed down your choices of engineering careers and you keep coming back to this one? As an electrical engineer you will spend the majority of your work day designing, testing, installing, and maintaining machinery or large scale electronic equipment. The equipment you work on is likely to be found in the manufacturing industry, in the power generation, or in a transmission.

Depending upon your specific employment, you may be required to use computer software to perform engineering tasks, you may use a variety of design software, and you will have to be familiar and comfortable with many different types of equipment that will help you accomplish assignments. Electrical engineers help to design and create electrical products of all shapes and types; this will allow this career path to be a fast-paced industry that will face continuous change. Keep in mind, in this profession a large majority of your work will stem from the supply and demand for electrical power. Find top electrical engineering programs to get started on your career educational training.

Electrical Engineering Colleges

While a bachelor’s engineering degree program will make it possible for you to enter this industry, a master’s or doctorate level degree may be necessary for you to be qualified to explore the full possibilities in this career path. It is important to understand that this career path is quite competitive; therefore, you will want to be sure that you have the best possible grades in each of your classes (especially mathematics, science, statistics, and computer science). In addition to being an exceptional problem solver, you must also have strong skills in science and math. Your potential employers will likely be impressed if you have an extensive knowledge of computers and computer software, good public speaking skills, and the ability to write professionally.

Keep in mind, individuals in this industry are always in search of new and innovative means of delivering electrical power; therefore, having a creative side in addition to your technical skills will make you a great candidate as an electrical engineer. As previously mentioned, a bachelor’s degree will allow you to enter this job market; however, since the expected job growth for this occupation is well below average, a higher educational degree is sure to serve you well in your job search. Take a few minutes and check out any of the schools on the site that appeal to you. Any of them will be glad to send you a free information packet detailing what they have to offer you in your educational pursuits.

With a degree in electrical engineering you will also be qualified to work in other areas of engineering. For instance, you could work in engineering technology or as a mechanical engineer.

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