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Do you have a love for structures, shapes, textures, and unique additions to structures? Do you find that you notice aspects of a building or home that nobody else even realized was there? Do you seem to find beauty in random things that other people just don’t appreciate? Maybe it’s time for you to consider applying these talents and abilities into the field of architecture. As an architect you will be responsible for designing computations, compiling data, and completing architectural assignments that will meet the requests of your clients. You will likely also find yourself preparing project estimates and architectural plans when requested by specific clients or inspecting certain structures that are found in the field. By obtaining your associate's degree in architecture you will be prepared to begin working in this industry, or you can apply these credit hours to further your educational degree. If you are serious about your career then look into your architecture education today!

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To be eligible to work in the industry of architecture you must at a minimum have an associate’s degree. It is common for students who choose this educational route to choose to pursue an Associate of Science or an Associate of Applied Science in architectural engineering technology. No matter which of these you choose, you will be learning how to create architectural prints and presentations, how to examine facts and figures, how to proficiently use the computer programs that are necessary in this industry, and how to execute estimates.

Although specific degree programs will vary from one school to another, you can likely expect to be required to complete hands-on experience classes in the field or in the lab. You can expect your coursework to consist of classes such as: structural conceptions, drawing techniques, graphing and measuring, approximating budgets and preparing agreements, methods and practices of architectural designs, CAD, and visual illustrations. Take a few minutes and check out any of the schools on the site that interest you. Any of them will be glad to send you a free information packet detailing what they can offer you!

With an associate’s degree in architectural engineering technology it will be possible for you to seek employment as a specification writer, an estimator, an architect assistant, a drafter, or a municipal planner. If you complete your bachelor’s degree program then you will be able to pursue work as a design architect, as an architectural intern, as an architecture project manager, an architectural job captain, or as a senior associate architect. Of course, further job opportunities will be available should you decide to complete your graduate level degree.

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