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Do you think you want to be a teacher? Do you think you can handle delivering valuable information to a group of students who have a broad range of ability levels? Do you consider yourself patient, as well as willing to persevere even in the toughest of situations? As a teacher you will be responsible for preparing effective lessons for the subject(s) that you teach, instructing children in a manner that will allow them to experience academic success, and evaluating each student’s performance with specific topics and skills. In order to be qualified to teach you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and have gained certification through the state you reside in.

It is important to understand that before you begin working on your degree requirements you will need to decide which age range you plan to work in: early childhood, elementary, secondary, or post-secondary. Should you decide to pursue a secondary or post-secondary teaching career, you can expect your requirements to be directly aligned with your choice of subject area. For instance, if you want to be a high school math teacher, your requirements will vary quite a bit from those of someone who is working to become a high school physical education teacher.

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In order to be qualified to teach you will at least need to obtain your bachelor’s degree, which will likely take you four years to complete. Your degree program will consist of general education classes much like any other major degree program. In your junior and senior years of your bachelor’s degree program you will primarily take education courses. During these two years of study you will take specific content classes that will prepare you to teach your chosen subject area, as well as pedagogy classes that will arm you with practical teaching skills and the necessary teaching techniques. Take a moment and peruse the schools on our site, feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any that interest you.

As a degree holder in teacher education you will be able to seek employment to teach within any school district. However, you may have to obtain different teaching licenses and different requirements for different states. In addition, it is common for someone with a degree in education to only be qualified to teach within a specific age range. For instance, someone who is certified to teach elementary age children may not be qualified to teach high school students without furthering their education.

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