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Secondary Education Degree Programs

Secondary Education Schools

Do you think you would like to work as a teacher? Do you think you are capable of teaching a group of high school students in a particular subject area? Do you enjoy working with young adults and feel that you have what it takes to reach them on an academic and social level? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then maybe it is time for you to think about completing the necessary educational requirements so that you can become a high school teacher.

As a secondary education teacher you will be responsible for preparing engaging lessons that will help you deliver specific instruction to your students. Even though you will be teaching high school students, it will still be important for you to incorporate games and activities that will allow your students to apply what they have been learning. You will also be expected to grade homework and classroom assignments, as well as to use a variety of assessment methods to measure your students’ understanding of specific topics and concepts.

Secondary Education Colleges

To be qualified to work as a high school (or secondary) teacher you must have completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree program. After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you will also need to complete the specific licensure requirements as mandated by your state of residence. Currently, it is most common for students who want to be a high school teacher to pursue a degree in the subject area that they plan to teach. For instance, if you plan to teach high school science then you may choose to complete your bachelor’s degree program in a major area like biology.

By pursuing your degree program and training in this manner it will make you qualified to teach your particular subject area to students of any age. However, colleges and universities also offer bachelor’s degree programs with a concentration in secondary education. Should you decide to travel this educational route, you would then choose a specific subject area to focus a large portion of your studies in. Just prior to graduation you will also be required to complete a semester of student teaching, which will take place in a real school setting. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the schools listed on our site that interest you.

Should you decide to further your educational degree, you may be able to seek employment as a counselor, an educational specialist, an administrator, or you could teach at the college level.

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