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Beverage Management Degree Online

Become a Food and Beverage Service Manager

Can you efficiently delegate numerous responsibilities that all have to be attended to? Do you know how to prioritize tasks based on their importance so that success is always evident? Do you not have a problem managing a group of people and seem to interact well with them, even if you are in charge? Perhaps you should consider a career in services management; this profession is closely related to that of human resources. Generally speaking, the skills that you will be developing in a service related degree program will help prepare you for positions in most any service industry. Of course, before you can begin working on the requirements that are necessary to work in this industry, you must have completed your high school diploma requirements. Thanks to recent technological advances, it is very probable that you can pursue your chosen educational degree program through an online learning format. Students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in service management will actually have a couple of concentration areas to choose from. For instance, you could choose to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality and Service Management or you could pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Service Industry Management. Your coursework will be designed to teach you leadership skills, how to build an effective team, how to deliver efficient customer service, and how to take social responsibility in order to have a success business venture.

You can expect to be required to complete classes like entrepreneurship, professional ethics, customer behavior, managing human resources, management of financial applications, marketing principles, family and consumer behavior, developing the service workforce, and technology in service systems. Take a few minutes and peruse the site in search of specific schools that appeal to you and your educational goals. If you see any schools that particularly interest you, each of them will be glad to send you a free information packet detailing their educational offerings upon request. For those looking for a similar career check out what bartending courses are available. With your beverage service management training in hand you will be adequately prepared to seek employment as a catering manager, as a general manager of a service business, or as a guest service supervisor. Of course, if none of these are viable options in your area it may also be possible for you to seek positions related to human resources management. Lastly, if you plan to open your own service related business, this degree program will help make your chances of success more attainable.