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Bartending Training Courses

Learn how to Become a Bartender

Are you a people person who works well with the public? Do you know how to provide great customer service no matter the situation? Have you considered pursuing a career in bartending? If not, then maybe now is the time! As a bartender you will spend the majority of your time preparing cocktails, drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages for your customers. It will be important that you have a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of common drinks and that you can use your knowledge to recommend drinks to your customers who are unsure of what they want. In addition, you may also be responsible for monitoring and handling the bar inventory, keeping the bar area clean for patrons, and collecting payments. In this position you must consistently check the identification of your customers and stop serving drinks to any customers who are too intoxicated. Depending upon what your customers order, you will be required to mix drinks by hand, as well as to use different machinery. You will be responsible for keeping track of what each customer owes and providing them with the correct change for their drinks; remember, you will likely be helping multiple customers at a time. Become a bartender with a great training class from any of the schools listed below.

Bartending Courses

Although to work as a bartender you do not have to have any formal training, there are certain criteria you will need to meet. First, your potential employer will ensure that you have a strong sense of customer service and that you can handle creating good drinks at a fast pace. Remember, a portion of your pay will come from customer tips so the better your customer service skills, the better your pay is likely to be. It is common for specific training to take place on the job and your employer may require you to work alongside experienced bartenders for an extended period of time before you can work solo. Some vocational or technical schools offer a program that is designed to train future bartenders. While you still may be required to receive on the job training, this is sure to help you obtain a job. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any school on our site that appeals to you. As a bartender, there are many venues that are popular employment options that you can pursue. For instance, college and university areas, hotels, museums and historical site areas, special food service events, and elderly community care facilities are all places that employ a large number of bartenders. The job outlook for bartenders is promising, with an above average growth projected for the next few years. Start with a bartending course from any of the schools listed below.