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Do you want to work in the legal profession, but you have no desire to become a lawyer? Are you organized, efficient, and can handle working under the pressure of a deadline? Do you thrive in being someone’s right hand person that they know they can count on for any sort of task? If these questions sound like you were just described, then a career as a paralegal is sure to be professionally fulfilling to you. As a paralegal (sometimes also called paralegal assistants) you will primarily work alongside lawyers to help them prepare any legal business or to prepare for court proceedings. It is important to note that while a paralegal cannot offer legal advice or present a case in court, they are responsible for much of the case preparation and research that is conducted. Generally speaking, paralegals work to assist a lawyer with everyday office tasks, which will require that they have a good understanding of the type of law that their boss practices. It is most common for individuals who want to work as a paralegal to pursue an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree program.

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An associate’s degree program is the most common educational choice for individuals who want to become a paralegal. This two year degree program will contain coursework such as property law, bankruptcy, legal research, family law, civil litigation, and administrative law. Keep in mind, in an associate’s degree program you will also be required to complete general education classes. Should you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree program you can expect it to take you about four years to complete. The coursework in this degree program, which will be similar to that of an associate’s program, will likely consist of classes like: ethics for the law office, litigation, supervisory management, legal writing, cyber laws, torts, and criminal law and procedures.

In addition, this degree program will probably require you to complete an internship. This will provide you the chance to apply the skills and knowledge that you have learned in the classroom into a real world setting while being supervised by a mentor. Take a few minutes and look over the schools that are shown on our site. If you see any that particularly appeal to you, feel free to request that they send you a complimentary information packet detailing what they have to offer you.

With some level of formal training to work as a paralegal, you may also be able to find employment as a legal secretary or a legal transcriptionist. Find your new paralegal college below.

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