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Certificate in Paralegal Studies

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The most common way to get into the industry is to attend a college the specializes in this career. Although most employers do not require certification, earning a voluntary certificate from a professional society will offer many advantages once you start shopping for a job. You can check out the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA). Those who pass the National Federation of Paralegal Associations test will have a leg up on the rest of the population entering this field. The growth potential is to grow faster than average through 2020. When a company hires a paralegal it actually lowers the cost of hiring a full blown lawyer or law firm. Sometimes an employer just needs information about something but doesn't need to actually hire a full blow law firm.

The duties of a paralegal do differ based on the type of organization where you will find employment. If you are working for corporations you may often assist attorneys with employee contracts or stock option plans for employees. Even maintaining corporate minute books. Most which is 7 out of 10 actually work for private law firms. the remainder worked for corporate legal departments and different levels of the government. You would be also responsible for drafting contracts, separation agreements, trust funds and mortgages. You may also assist in preparing tax returns and even estate planning. As laws have become more and more complex paralegals have responded by becoming more specialized in their work. This is great for individuals entering into this field as they can pick and choose an area that they want to go into. Find an ABA approved paralegal school today.


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